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Sunday, June 12, 2016

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Brexit Debate in CornwallAnti-EU Sentiment Despite EU Subsidies

Brexit Debate in Cornwall: Anti-EU Sentiment Despite EU Subsidies
The British holiday paradise of Cornwall has received hundreds of millions of euros from the EU. Despite these subsidies, many here favor Brexit. Why? By David Böcking  in Cornwall (Text and Photos) more...Comment ]

BrexitIt's smarter to stay

Brexit: It's smarter to stay
The choice is between a moment of pride and a new future built together: If Britain is clever, it will remain a member of the EU, because it will recognise that the future of the west is at stake. An editorial by Klaus Brinkbäumer and Florian Harms mehr... Video | Forum ]
heute, 17:10 Uhr von granathosIch dachte sie hiessen Arthur, gut, beim letzten mal wusste ich schon, über ihren Missgriff. Was... mehr...

Germany and BrexitBerlin has everything to lose if Britain leaves

Germany and Brexit: Berlin has everything to lose if Britain leaves
Will the British really leave the EU? For Germany it would be a catastrophe. And yet Chancellor Merkel is still avoiding strident anti-Brexit warnings lest she boost its supporters. By Philipp Wittrock more...Comment ]

SPIEGEL Interview with Wolfgang Schäuble'Britain Is a Leading Nation'

SPIEGEL Interview with Wolfgang Schäuble: 'Britain Is a Leading Nation'
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble warns of the dangers of Brexit, talks about the EU's crisis of confidence and considers the English fear of the penalty kick. Interview Conducted by Christiane Hoffmann and Christian Reiermann more... Comment ]

Ugandan President Museveni'This Is Our Continent, Not Yours'

Ugandan President Museveni: 'This Is Our Continent, Not Yours'
SPIEGEL speaks with Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for three decades, about the West's role in fostering African Islamist terror, his opposition to the International Criminal Court and whether he is himself abusing his power.  Interview Conducted by Susanne Koelbl and Jan Puhlmore... Comment ]

Unimaginable HorrorsThe War-Crimes Lawyer Hunting Syrian War Criminals

Unimaginable Horrors: The War-Crimes Lawyer Hunting Syrian War Criminals
In 2012, David Crane helped put notorious Liberian dictator Charles Taylor behind bars. Now he's turned his attention to Syria and is overseeing a project to assemble a massive database of President Bashar Assad's war crimes.  By Susanne Koelbl more... Comment ]

NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg'We Don't Want a New Cold War'

NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg: 'We Don't Want a New Cold War'
SPIEGEL speaks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the alliance's response to Russian aggression, the growth of member state defense spending and whether Turkey still shares the organization's values.  Interview Conducted by Konstantin von Hammerstein and Peter Müller more... Comment ]

CNN Host on US Election'It's Gonna Be Really Nasty'

CNN Host on US Election: 'It's Gonna Be Really Nasty'
SPIEGEL talks to Jake Tapper, CNN's Chief Political Correspondent, about the resentments fueling Donald Trump, the media's easy treatment of the candidates and why this election is about to get very dirty. Interview Conducted by Gordon Repinski and Holger Stark more... Comment ]

The Law of RevengeDeadly Hatred among Anti-IS Alliance in Iraq

The Law of Revenge: Deadly Hatred among Anti-IS Alliance in IraqPhotos
The US is fighting together with an alliance of rival groups to defeat IS in Iraq. Deadly violence in a city north of Baghdad shows, however, that once the Islamists are defeated, erstwhile allies may turn their weapons on each other. By Christoph Reuter more... Comment ]

Interactive GlobeA Worldwide Survey of Extreme Poverty

Interactive Globe: A Worldwide Survey of Extreme Poverty
Liberia is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. But how is extreme poverty measured? And how do other countries compare? Use our interactive globe to find out! By Anna Behrend more...

Austrian Foreign Minister Kurz'Europe's Values Cannot Be Negotiable'

Austrian Foreign Minister Kurz: 'Europe's Values Cannot Be Negotiable'
At 29, Austria's Sebastian Kurz is the world's youngest foreign minister. He speaks with SPIEGEL about the rise of the far right in his country and Europe, the immigrant crisis and the dangers of dependence on Turkey. Interview Conducted by Walter Mayr and Mathieu von Rohr more...Comment ]

Expedition #BeyondTomorrowA Project on Sustainability by SPIEGEL ONLINE

Expedition #BeyondTomorrow: A Project on Sustainability by SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ten months, ten multimedia features and a variety of approaches to the issue of sustainability: Expedition #BeyondTomorrow takes a closer look at the United Nations Development Goals. Here, an overview of the articles we have published thus far. By Anna Behrend more...

Step-by-Step RapprochementGermany Considers Easing of Russia Sanctions

Step-by-Step Rapprochement: Germany Considers Easing of Russia Sanctions
Standing tough on Russia remains official policy, but Germany has begun working on the careful easing of sanctions imposed following Moscow's aggression in Ukraine. The US is opposed, but many in the EU could support the new approach. By SPIEGEL Staff more... Comment ]

Obama's Anti-Islamic State Envoy'We Have Exposed Their Lies'

Obama's Anti-Islamic State Envoy: 'We Have Exposed Their Lies'
The US has scored some successes against the Islamic State with the deployment of special forces. In a SPIEGEL interview, President Obama's anti-IS envoy Brett McGurk says the terrorist militia is shrinking and calls for help from NATO in battling the Islamists.  Interview Conducted By Matthias Gebauer more... Comment ]
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