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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Best of PBS

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Genealogy Roadshow – All New Episodes -- Tuesdays in June
Go on a journey that uses history and science to uncover fascinating family stories. Catch up on Season 3 or learn how-to start your own genealogy search.
The Great Polar Bear Feast – Airs June 22nd
Investigate the problems facing a unique population of polar bears and witness an extraordinary event — the annual gathering of up to 80 polar bears on Barter Island in the Arctic Ocean.
Vicious – Series Finale Highlights
Chart a year in the life of Freddie and Stuart as they enjoy their inheritance. Watch the series finale preview and go behind the scenes with special footage from Seasons 1 & 2.
Genius by Stephen Hawking - Start From the Beginning With Episode 1
World-famous scientist Stephen Hawking sends three ordinary people on a series of mind-blowing challenges. Catch up on the latest episodes including “Can We Time Travel?” and “Are We Alone?” 
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