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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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Austria 'third most expensive' for food in EU
Denn's Biomarkt/Facebook
Austria is now the third most expensive place in Europe to buy groceries, just behind Sweden and Denmark when it comes to the price of food. 
Third genders could soon appear on Austrian passports
Photo: OeAMTC
A court in Austria will soon decide for the first time whether someone who identifies as neither male nor female can be described as intersex on official documents. 
46 Italians injured in bus crash in Austria
Newsflash/ wikimedia
Forty-six Italians have been injured in a bus crash on the A2 motorway just south of Vienna. 
Help save Austria's 'Gasthäuser'
Twenty-five percent of traditional country inns in Upper Austria have closed down since the turn of the century. Help save the ones that still exist.  
Austria: EU members should act in their national interests
Austria's Foreign Minister meets his Romanian counterpart. Photo: Twitter/Sebastian Kurz
Austria's Foreign Minister has accused Europe of losing control over the refugee crisis, and says the only option is for countries to act in their national interests. 
Austrian man calls in bomb threat because of loud music
Plani/ wikimedia
An Austrian man called in a false bomb threat at a parish celebration because he was bothered by the loud music coming from the event. 
Brexit vote
Has bureaucracy deprived Brits abroad of their vote?
George Cunningham warns that many Brits abroad will have missed the chance to vote. 
Thousands of British voters abroad might find their vote in this week's crucial referendum is wasted, after many councils left sending out ballots until the last minute. 
    What to do in 72 hours in Vienna
    Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons
    Scottish travel blogger Megan Conway on how to experience the best of the Austrian capital.  2 comments
    Some of Austria's prettiest towns and villages
    Photo: Johann Jaritz/wikimedia 
    Although the Austrian capital Vienna holds the top spot for quality of life year after year, sometimes one just needs to get out of the city and go explore nature.  2 comments
    Austrian reported for 'forgetting' dog in hot car
    VIER PFOTEN International
    With temperatures steadily climbing in Austria, an animal rescue charity is warning pet owners not to leave their dogs alone in cars under any circumstances.  
    Five unwritten rules about cake in Austria
    Photo: Hotel Sacher
    With Dunkin Donuts soon shutting its doors in Austria, The Local has some ideas about why they struggled to find fans in the country. 11 comments
    FPÖ failure shows opposition to rightward surge
    Norbert Hofer, the failed FPÖ presidential candidate for Austria. Photo: Freedom Party
    While far-right parties across Europe hailed the near-election of one of their own as Austrian president as a boost for their future prospects, his defeat shows that mainstream forces are still capable of rallying to keep extremists out of power. 
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    European nationalists seek to ride Brexit to victory
    Photo: Jeff Djevdet/Creative Commons
    A vote in favour of Brexit could embolden surging populist parties across Europe hoping to follow in Britain's footsteps and either leave the EU or significantly cut its powers, experts warn. 
    Six unique traditions that Austrians love to love
    Bad Kleinkirchheim/Flickr
    A recent study confirmed that Austrians truly value their traditions, even if they can be unusual at times.  
    Remain vote strongest among British expats in Austria
    Jeff Djevdet/Creative Commons
    A survey finds that more than 85% of British expats living in Austria plan to vote remain in the upcoming EU referendum.  
    Tourist stops to take photo and forgets car
    A driver who got out of his car to take a photograph of a waterfall in Austria got an unexpected snap when his car rolled into a ravine. 
    Austria: 'EU should gradually lift Russian sanctions'
    Photo: Dragan Tatic/
    Austria’s foreign minister has called for the EU to come to an agreement with Russia over the possible lifting of sanctions placed on the country following the war with Ukraine. 
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