The machine has disappeared on a flight from Paris to Cairo over the Mediterranean from the radar. Search teams have apparently already discovered wreckage. From Paul-Anton Krüger, Cairo and Christian Wernicke, Paris More ...
Egypt Air: Conflicting information on distress
LIVE The Lost Airbus of Egypt Air has crashed, according to the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority. Flight MS804 was with 66 people on board en route from Paris to Cairo. From Barbara Galaktionow, Felicitas Kock and Tanja Mokoschmore ...
What we know about the missing plane MS804 - and what is not
The most important facts at a glance. More ...
Egypt Air - one of the oldest airlines in the world
The airline currently flies 73 destinations in 48 countries. Only just two months ago one of their machines had been kidnapped. By Vivien Timmler more ...
Bayer wants to buy Monsanto
The German chemical company confirmed its interest in the controversial seed specialists. The deal would create a global heavyweight. More ...
Big difference between pensions
EXCLUSIVE 2900 EUR for professional soldiers, but the average worker only gets 1300 Euros: A comparison between pensions fueled the discussions to reform the pension system by Alexander Hagelüken more ....
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    The earth is always greener
    Plant life on Earth has vigorously expanded in the past 30 years - not despite but because of the people.
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    Capital of salmon
    The village Navarrenx at the foot of the Pyrenees, on the Camino. But many people have come here just to catch the King of Fish.
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    The toughest Sheriff US
    Joe Arpaio has already chased immigrants to the devil, as Donald Trump have built golf courses. A visit to a law enforcement officer most robust design.
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    We have neglected women
    Puma CEO Bjørn Gulden over Borussia Dortmund, the miracle of Leicester City and Rihanna's role as creative director.
Federal Government police and soldiers
UN peacekeeping missions - Berlin lags behind its promise
EXCLUSIVE Germany presents itself as a pillar of the United Nations - and has worldwide only 166 police on duty. The federal government is on the verge to embarrass internationally. By Stefan Braun, Berlin more ...
China intercepts US military aircraft
The incident occurred over the South China Sea. The US Department of Defense speaks of a dangerous incident. More ...
Listen nonstop: The plan by Google
The project Home is a competitor for Amazon's surprise hit Echo. A control center that responds to voice commands, and is always active. From Hakan Tanriverdi, New York ... more
Sochi 2014 - Olympic Rings
Doping allegations against Russia: apologize first, then strike back
Moscow is looking for new ways to counter the crisis. Media who report on doping offenses to be prosecuted criminally even now. By Julian Hans, Moscow more ...
"No doping case but a case of illness"
Frankfurt's Marco Russ is tested positive. The association arranges medical examinations. The result that the defender is suffering from a tumor. From John Aumüller more ...
Trauma finals for Klopp and Liverpool
Europa Leaguevideo
Jürgen Klopp's series of final defeats continues: At 1: 3 against Sevilla FC Liverpool start after a 1: 0 lead still. The Spaniards succeed the second title defense. By Sebastian Fischer, Basel more ...
Will Toledo, Car Seat Headrest
The right people, the wrong drug
The 23-year-old Will Toledo writes as Car Seat Headrest great songs about growing up in the suburbs hell. And found some delightfully silly Lebensweisheiten Off the Record:. Pop the column by Julian Dorr more ...
The part-time mother
The power of the second hand
The time while the children are in the father: Is the extra time? Why does it feel different? The part-time mother about the feeling of having to do with themselves something. From Lisa Frieda Cossham more ... SZ-Magazin