Early lead, missed penalties: Bayern provides Atlético Madrid a memorable duel, wins 2: 1 - and ruled yet from the Champions League. Only a fool lacks the Munich to the final. From Claudio Catuogno more ...
Guardiola: "I'm very, very hurt"
Bayern cries missed opportunities and finds the result against Atlético Madrid unjust -. Guardiola still wants to take stock more ... Reactions
Champions League FC Bayern in the Player RatingsImages
Alonso's anger is in vain
The veteran makes a strong game, but can not direct to end the chase. Franck Ribery fails to their own emotions. The Bayern in the Ratings. By Benedikt Warmbrunn more ...
It was so close, my friends!
Pep Guardiola dodges the bullets from, everything is ready for the final showdown - but Coman, the Barbarian, misses the last sleeve. The SZ-Live blog for future reference. By Sebastian Fischer and Jonas Beckenkamp more ...
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    "Ho-ho-ho instead Huh-huh-huh"
    Entertainer Helge Schneider like Munich, the audience of this city and its sounds from the lower chest.
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    There can be only one
    In Scotland, nationalists are so strong that the country is almost a one-party state. A visit to the elections.
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    On the border of life
    Kilometers deep inside the earth scientists find worms, rotifers and fungi. Is there among us a hitherto unknown world?
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    Over Full Time
    Who cares nationals, is supported by the state and his employer.Theoretically. Practically many are facing a problem.
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    Stars over the bay
    San Sebastián is the European Capital of Culture 2016. She was long wrongly offside. In hardly any other city, there are beautiful beaches and better food.
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    The AFD relies constantly on the people and the people's will. But what does that mean anyway?
Trumps calculated Seximus
US election US election
The presidential candidate is on the macho card, claiming Clinton only had success because she is a woman. That could cost him votes, but also mobilize his core electorate. From Nicolas Richter, Washington more ...
Oettinger to TTIP: I will not pull us off
EXCLUSIVE A TTIP deal even under Obama? In the EU Commission, there are serious doubts. Commissioner Oettinger called conditions for the success of the agreement. From Alexander Hagelüken, Munich, and Alexander Mühlauer, Brussels more ...
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    TTIP: Where negotiating issues Europe must remain strong?
Farm with dairy production
Who is really to blame for the large milking contest
Aldi and Norma cut their milk prices, the other supermarket chains are likely to follow suit. But the main problem of the producers is another. From Kristiana Ludwig more ...
Refugee Refugee Policy
EU sticks to Dublin rules
Asylum seekers must continue to submit their applications in the destination country. Countries that do not wish to participate in the redistribution itself should be able to freely buy. From Thomas Kirchner, Brussels more ...
Investigators to Hoxter: "These are abysses"
Hoxter Ostwestfalenvideo
Even experienced members of homicide difficult do thus to process the horror of Hoxter. By Bernd Dorries, Bielefeld more ...
Jan Böhmermann
Böhmer's first interview is a disappointment
After an affair of state and media break the satirist delivers almost only half-baked obscenities instead of clear attitude. Too bad. Comment by Max Sprick more ... now
Brussels bombing suspect Brahim El Bakraoui
Exhibition in Denmark shows Brussels terrorists as martyrs
The "Martyrs Museum", the suicide bomber and Khalid Ibrahim El Bakraoui in a series with Rosa Luxembourg, Socrates and Joan of Arc. A local politician has displayed the organizers. More ...
Leipzig Book Fair
Say to Servus TV quietly Servus
The Red Bull transmitter was as ambitious as unsuccessful. Now the founder attracts surprisingly the plug - for economic reasons, they say. But there are circulating other explanations. From Cathrin Kahlweit more ...
It does not always have Google
More than 94 percent of all searches run this country on Google. But there are alternatives.Among them are some who respect the privacy and data of users. More ...
Blow to grandson tricksters
So tricked a pensioner grandson tricksters
The 71-year-old has been virtually single-handedly Geldabholerin telephone fraudsters to track -. While the policemen broke laughed on her sofa by Martin Bernstein more ...
Court prohibits subversive sausage sale
Bratwurst dispute on the A9
For years, a snack operators range sausages over a fence on a highway parking. This is now over. By Christoph Dorner, Rodaborn more ...
Life hacksvideo
Life Hacks: How to store earrings for travel
Keep earrings, cut peppers or fold a fitted sheet - somehow that everyone gets out. We show how to do it better. More ... Video
grim Young
Last solution boarding?
The pubescent son terrorized the family, abused the mother and throws food around. Reflect the parents to send him to boarding school. Can help? ... More