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Friday, May 13, 2016

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Over 1,000 evacuated after blaze at Spanish tyre dump
Seseña residents wait for other relatives to evacuate a residential area affected by toxic fumes produced by tyres burning in an uncontrolled dump near the town. Photo: AFP
UPDATED: At least 1,000 people were evacuated from their homes on Friday after a huge tyre dump near Madrid went up in flames in a suspected arson attack, sending a massive black cloud of toxic fumes into the sky. 
    Poem by hipster hero angers Barcelona police
    Police unions say the placement of a poem is meant as a provocation. File photo: AFP
    It's not often that poetry gets discussed this much by police. 
      Is this Spanish football kit the strangest ever?
      CD Palencia's new kit looks more like something you would find in an anatomy class than on a football field. Photo: CD Palencia
      Spain has a long tradition of unlikely football kits but does this one take the cake? 
        Terror 'prank' causes chaos at Madrid cinema
        The fake terrorists threw backpacks at cinemagoers at the Plaza Loranca shopping centre. Photo: Plaza Loranca
        Filmgoers were terrified when hooded individuals stormed into a cinema screaming "Allahu Akbar". 
          Fan fined €150 for calling gay football referee 'fag'
          Jesús Tomillero has become a crusader for LGBT rights in sport: Jesús Tomillero/Twitter
          A man who told Spain's only openly gay football referee to "stick that goal up your arse" has received a fine of just €150 ($170).  
            Brexit vote
            Brits: don't let bumbling councils steal your vote
            A pro-EU campaigner hands out leaflets in London. Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP
            If you're a Brit anxious to have your say in the EU referendum, don't let bumbling bureaucrats deprive you of your rights, says Laura Shields. 
              Eurovision Song Contest
              Five fantastic facts about Spain in Eurovision
              Arguably Spain's feakiest Eurovision act, Rodolfo Chikilicuatre, dancing the Chiki Chiki. Screen grab: YouTube
              From false starts to Franco, Spain has had a very interesting Eurovision history... 
                Spanish magazine boss punched over anti-Nazi cover
                The cover of the latest issue of Spain's El Jueves magazine. Photo: El Jueves
                Spanish satirical magazine El Jueves is not in the habit of shying away from controversy. 
                  7 incredible ways Spain has profoundly changed my life
                  Photo: Photo: Peter Zuco/Flickr
                  British travel blogger Lizzie Jones tells The Local how living in Spain changed her life.  
                    King of Spain stops for €11 motorway lunch
                    Spain's King Felipe with staff at the Puerta de Extremadura restaurant. Photo: Puerta de Extremadura/Facebook
                    Is this why Spain's monarchy is Europe's cheapest? 
                      Why the baby brain can learn two languages at same time
                      How do babies learn language? Photo: Irene Zaccari / Flickr
                      Is it confusing for babies to learn two languages simultaneously? 
                      What's on in Spain: May 2016
                      The San Isidro fiestas in Madrid. Photo: Bru Garcia/AFP.
                      Spaniards are eager to get out and enjoy the spring weather in May, taking to the streets to throw fiesta after fiesta. 
                      The Local list
                      Nine reasons why Cervantes is better than Shakespeare
                      The Bard versus Cervantes. Photo: Creative commons / Wikimedia
                      In the battle for greatness, could Cervantes beat Shakespeare? 
                      The Local list
                      Ten delicious Spanish dishes you must try before you die
                      Photo: Joan Grifols/Flickr
                      If you thought Spanish food was all paella and pinchos then think again. The Local takes you on a mouth-watering tour of some of the country's lesser known but equally fabulous culinary highlights. 
                      Meet the Swedish man putting the Messi into baby changing
                      Leo Messi and a baby in his number 10 nappy. Photo: AFP / blog moda bebe
                      A Swedish entrepreneur is branding baby nappies especially for Barcelona football fans. 
                      More news
                      Spanish couple given up for dead found alive off Borneo
                      Martha Miguel and David Hernandez Gasulla went missing while on holiday. Photo: Family photo
                      Hope had been fading for the couple since officials announced their boat had sunk in waters off the Philippines. 
                      Last chance! Expat Brits urged to register for EU vote
                      Photo: D Smith/Flickr
                      Tens of thousands of British expats risk disenfranchisement if they fail to register to vote by the deadline on Monday May 16th. 
                      25,000 bees discovered living behind Madrid apartment wall
                      The bees could have been there for up to two years. Photo: Sally Crossthwaite/Flickr
                      Experts believe the hive could have been hidden in the wall for up to two years. 
                      'Brexit would hurt UK ability to protect Gibraltar': UK minister
                      Gibraltar residents are expected to vote overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. Photo: AFP
                      Britain leaving the EU would "seriously impair" London's ability to stand up for Gibraltar, Britain's foreign minister said on Wednesday on his first official visit to the contested UK territory on Spain's southern tip. 
                      Eurovision 2016
                      Say yay! This is Spain's entry for Eurovision Song Contest
                      Barei at the Eurovision press conference. Photo: Anna Velikova
                      Just who is this year's Spanish entry and does she stand a chance of winning? The Local investigates... 
                      From our other editions
                      Police APC protects right-wing vigil for murder victim
                      A police APC in Ottakring. Photo: ORF
                      Police drive armoured vehicles (APCs) on the streets of Vienna after members of a far-right group hold a ‘vigil’ for a woman who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant and clash with left-wing activists. 
                      June 5th referendum
                      Swiss basic income vote: what you need to know
                      Could Switzerland give everyone 2,500 francs a month? Photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
                      On June 5th Switzerland will vote on the introduction of an unconditional basic income (UBI). What could this mean for you? 
                      EU won't sacrifice food safety for US trade deal: Germany
                      Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt. Photo: DPA
                      The EU won't sacrifice its high food safety standards for better US auto market access in a transatlantic trade deal being negotiated, a German minister said Friday. 
                      What Google says about the Danes (and other Europeans)
                      Poor Denmark... too small to even fit their stereotype on the map. 
                      In celebration of Europe Day, here’s a look at what Google says about Europeans. 
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                      How to launch your international career
                      Bucket list: 16 brilliant things to do once in your life in Spain
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                      What's the best way for expats to transfer money abroad?
                      Spain's Civil War victims to be exhumed from Franco's tomb
                      Two mums face jail for leaving kids in car to go out drinking
                      Students at Spanish college forced to take exorcism class
                      Ten superb reasons why you need to visit San Sebastián
                      Abused wife saved by hiding SOS note in son's homework
                      Look up! Rare meteor shower set to dazzle skies over Spain
                      Why Spain is heading for a Groundhog day election
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                      Expats didn't 'abandon' UK so ALL Brits should get EU vote
                      What's on in Spain: May 2016
                      Discover Spain's breathtaking national parks
                      Couple caught on camera having sex on metro platform
                      Spain's stunning locations for Game of Thrones Season Six
                      Ten delicious Spanish dishes you must try before you die
                      Forget tampons and use sea sponges, says Catalan town
                      Nine reasons why Cervantes is better than Shakespeare
                      Two thirds of Spaniards want Britain to remain in EU
                      Seven great ways to celebrate 400 years of Cervantes
                      Report raises fears of Isis terror plot on Costa del Sol
                      Five bonkers ways Spain is commemorating Cervantes
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                      Ten weird things that shock Spaniards about the UK