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Sunday, May 8, 2016

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Three Spanish journalists kidnapped in Syria freed
A bus carrying the Spanish freelance journalists Antonio Pampliega, Jose Manuel Lopez and Angel Sastre leaves the Torrejon military airport in Madrid after their arrival from Turkey. Photo: AFP
Three Spanish journalists kidnapped in Syria some 10 months ago were freed on Saturday and flew home home from Turkey on Sunday, the Spanish Press Federation and the government said. 
    Eta member jailed for 92 years for plot to kill Spanish king
    Gogeaskoetxea’s lawyers had fought against his extradition to Spain. Photo: AFP
    A Spanish court sentenced a member of the Basque separatist group Eta to 92 years in prison over a failed plot to kill Spain’s king at the opening of Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum in 1997. 
    Brit escapes hitmen after gun jams in Costa del Sol attack
    A British expat survived an attack by two masked men at the door to his Spanish home after their weapon jammed. 
      Danish 'cult' claiming 'demons cause autism' arrives in Spain
      One of the group's baptisms. Screen grab: The Last Reformation/YouTube
      A controversial religious group that claims it can cure autism "by driving out demons" is set to take to the streets of Barcelona this weekend. 
        Spain smashes Nigerian 'CEO swindle' scammer network
        Photo: AFP
        The scammers duped senior company executives into parting with personal details which were then used to empty their financial accounts. 
          Bomb threat from man refused beer on Ryanair flight in Spain
          Photo: AFP
          The man said he would detonate a bomb because "they won't serve me beer".  
            It's official: Spain has the best beaches in the whole world
            Morro Jable beach on Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Photo: Samuel Aranda/AFP.
            Spain can safely hold onto its title as the country with the most top beaches in the world. 
              Refugee with cerebral palsy could start new life in Spain
              Osman is currently waiting at a camp in Greece. Photo: Bomberos en Acción.
              Spanish officials are hoping to bring the seven-year-old boy to Spain where he could finally find the medical care he needs. 
                First in Europe: Spain reports Zika-related birth defects case
                Photo: Government of Alberta/Flickr 
                Spain has detected its first known case of the microcephaly birth defect in the foetus of a pregnant woman infected with the Zika virus. 
                  Spain hunts Russian officials close to Putin in mafia probe
                  Arrest warrents have been issued for those close to Putin. Photo: AFP
                  Spain has issued arrest warrants against several high-ranking Russian officials as part of a probe into a powerful underworld gang. 
                    Why the baby brain can learn two languages at same time
                    How do babies learn language? Photo: Irene Zaccari / Flickr
                    Is it confusing for babies to learn two languages simultaneously? 
                    What's on in Spain: May 2016
                    The San Isidro fiestas in Madrid. Photo: Bru Garcia/AFP.
                    Spaniards are eager to get out and enjoy the spring weather in May, taking to the streets to throw fiesta after fiesta. 
                    The Local list
                    Nine reasons why Cervantes is better than Shakespeare
                    The Bard versus Cervantes. Photo: Creative commons / Wikimedia
                    In the battle for greatness, could Cervantes beat Shakespeare? 
                    The Local list
                    Ten delicious Spanish dishes you must try before you die
                    Photo: Joan Grifols/Flickr
                    If you thought Spanish food was all paella and pinchos then think again. The Local takes you on a mouth-watering tour of some of the country's lesser known but equally fabulous culinary highlights. 
                    Meet the Swedish man putting the Messi into baby changing
                    Leo Messi and a baby in his number 10 nappy. Photo: AFP / blog moda bebe
                    A Swedish entrepreneur is branding baby nappies especially for Barcelona football fans. 
                    More news
                    Watch this escaped hippo waddle through Spanish town
                    Photo: @lolamarquez12 / Twitter
                    A hippo went out for a late night stroll through a town in southern Spain. 
                    Joanna Lumley demands end to Spain's hunting dog cruelty
                    Joanna Lumley and Rey. Photos: (L) Ian Rankin and (R) Nikki de Gruchy
                    The British actress has joined a campaign demanding that Spain put a stop to the barbaric cruelty suffered by its hunting dogs. 
                    The Local list
                    Ten things that only happen in Spain when summer arrives
                    Photo: Indra Galbo/Flickr 
                    Are you ready to order a tinto de verano?  
                    Adios Bin Ladens: ECB pulls €500 notes favoured by crims
                    Photo: AFP
                    You know they exist but have you ever seen one? 
                    Students at Spanish college forced to take exorcism class
                    Father José Antonio Fortea Cucurull, who is leading the seminar on exorcism. Photo: Public domain/Wikimedia Commons.
                    The lecture includes such topics as "the devil, exorcisms, being possessed and hell". 
                    From our other editions
                    Attack victim claims police told her to dye hair
                    Heute screengrab.
                    A student attacked by a gang of four men has accused police of blaming her because she had blonde hair and sexy clothing. 
                    Swiss banker resold cheap HIV drugs meant for Africa
                    A South African woman is tested for HIV by an health worker working with Doctors withour borders (MSF) at a mobile clinic. File photo: AFP
                    A former Swiss banker illegal earned over €1 million by selling HIV medication meant for poor people in southern Africa to customers in Europe, authorities say. 
                    EU won't sacrifice food safety for US trade deal: Germany
                    Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt. Photo: DPA
                    The EU won't sacrifice its high food safety standards for better US auto market access in a transatlantic trade deal being negotiated, a German minister said Friday. 
                    Danish school bars Muslim students from wearing niqab
                    The school said that the learning process was disrupted by the niqab. Photo: Iris/Scanpix
                    School largely cheered for its decision to not allow face-covering veils.  
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                    Students at Spanish college forced to take exorcism class
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