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Monday, May 2, 2016



How Prehospital Stroke Care is Changing

Recent studies have shown a direct benefit to patients suffering from large vessel strokes in receiving some form of interventional procedure. How can EMS reliably predict and identify those patien...


Adding Value to your EMS Supply Management System

In order to effectively deliver safe and efficient patient care, frontline first response and ambulance, and flight crews need a reliable supply and logistic program.  Not all EMS operations a...

Expanding the Use of Simulation in EMS

The use of simulation in education has been linked to improved knowledge retention rates, improvements in quality and patient safety, and even employee satisfaction.  After all simulation is s...


Virginia Fire Chief Blasts Blog Over Comments about Firefighter Suicide

Mon, May 2, 2016
Site administrator says censoring the past won’t do any good.


The “FirstNet-Ready” Mobile Office: Top Considerations for Connecting First Responders

First-response mobile workforces face the most demanding and often dangerous work environments, performing jobs that are critical to our infrastructure—protecting public safety,...

Top 5 Reasons Paramedics need an In-Vehicle Gateway

Technology in the ambulance is advancing every day.  EKGs and patient care records, dispatch, telemedicine and tracking technologies enable medics to safely treat patients,...


EMS Compass: The Quality Imperative

EMS Compass: The Quality Imperative

Harnessing the power of data, with a forward from Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Dennis Edgerly

The Basics of Mass Casualty Triage

Dennis Edgerly, EMT-P
The clock is ticking during a multiple casualty scenario, and it's up to EMS to make tough choice...
JEMS editor-in-chief A.J. Heightman

Elevate Your Care & Operations

A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P
Treating patients in dark or cramped spaces can be awkward and time-consuming; try to elevate you...
Mark E.A. Escott

New EMS Tech Shifts Focus Away from Responders

Mark E.A. Escott, MD, MPH, FACEP
Buying the latest technology in patient care is important, but when does the high-end gadgetry be...
Fran Hildwine

Hands On Product Reviews May 2016

Fran Hildwine, BS, NREMT-P
Check out the latest products reviewed in JEMS.
Steve Berry, JEMS editorial board member

Coping with Emotional Triage in your Line of Duty

Steve Berry
EMS needs consolation too, even if it comes at the hands of other survivors.


University of Michigan Simulation Mannequins

Mannequins can bleed, vomit and even give birth.


ImageTrend Elite™

ImageTrend Elite is the ePCR designed for you - with a fast, easy to use interface that works on Windows, Android and iPad tablets. It’s also the first fully-certified NEMSIS 3 Compliant ePCR. As expected, you still get enterprise ready capabilities, real-time validation rules, offline operation and world-class support.




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FYI: Rick Fix Announces Retirement from Safe Fleet

Rick Fix, Divisional Vice President of National Sales for the Safe Fleet Emergency & Industrial group, has announced his retirement effective April 15, 2016.
Grant Helferich EMS billing

From Call to Claim

Holistic patient care, and thus true EMS success, begins at the emergency call and ends after the claim is settled.
American Ambulance Association

American Ambulance Association and Journal of Emergency Medical Services Announce Collaboration

AAA Star of Life

Honor the Stars of Life in Your Agency

The Stars of Life program is a rewarding and exciting national EMS event. Join the AAA and nominate a Star of Life from your agency today.