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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gizmodo australia

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 And GTX 1070: Australian Release Date And Price 

Nvidia just announced a crazy cheap new flagship graphics card: the GeForce GTX 1080, more powerful than two of last generation’s GTX 980 cards in SLI. It also has a younger brother, too, the slightly less gutsy GTX 1070. What’s more surprising than these cards’ relative performance, though, is just how not expensive they are.

Aussie Scientists: We're Totally Wrong About Why Babies Make Funny Faces 

Newborn infants are supposed to be capable of imitating our facial expressions, like sticking out our tongues and opening our mouths. A new study in Current Biology suggests there’s no actual imitating going on — and that it’s all in our heads. 

Can You Tell The Difference Between A $150 Camera Lens And A $15,000 One? 

As any person with a bit of DSLR experience knows, the lens you use is as (if not more) important as the camera. But just how much does the average shutterfly have to spend to get “good enough” results? You’re not shooting the next Star Wars, so does it really matter if you don’t have $15,000 sitting around for a top-shelf Zeiss? 

Louis CK Explains Why He's Quit The Internet 

Louis CK has a long, complex and hilarious history of interacting with modern technology. But now he’s decided to quit the internet. 

KFC Has Its Own Edible Nail Polish And Yes, It Tastes Like Chicken 

KFC has been known to experiment with it’s food offerings from time to time. But now its decided to drop the “food” part altogether, in a bid to make your keratin as delicious as possible. 

Nerf's New Dart-Blasting RC Battle Tank Is Straight Out Of Terminator 

Nerf’s new N-Strike Elite Terrascout RC Drone looks like something Skynet cooked up to fight alongside the Terminators. But using a wireless remote with a live video feed from the tank’s camera, anyone can use it snipe at friends and co-workers while remaining safely out of range of retaliatory fire. 

K’nex K-Force Review: Customisable Dart Guns Are Better Than Nerf Guns And Lego Combined 

I don’t want to be one of those people saying you were either a Lego or K’nex kid growing up because I had and loved both. But as a rent paying, 401k having adult, I’m gonna go ahead and take a stand. 

Your Next Phone Might Have A Holographic Glasses-Free 3D Display 

Holograms are still mostly science-fiction fodder, but researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab have developed a prototype smartphone that uses holographic technology to display dynamic 3D images without the need for head tracking or annoying glasses. 

Oh Look, Our Long Awaited Flying Car Is Almost Here Maybe 

Sleek, personal vehicles that sail through cities on invisible highways are a staple of science fiction, from Star Wars to Blade Runner to The Fifth Element to Futurama to The Jetsons to… well, you get the idea. This is clearly something we expect and demand of our future. A startup in Germany is trying to build one. 

A Multi-Screen Smartwatch Might Actually Be A Brilliant Idea 

The dual-screen Nintendo DS wasn’t warmly received when first revealed, but it’s gone on to be one of the company’s best-selling consoles. And a team of researchers have come up with a convincing argument as to why a smartwatch might actually be improved with two screens as well.