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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Oculus Rift Versus HTC Vive: Which Is Best For Gamers? 

I’ve been waiting over twenty years for the Virtual Reality revolution to finally catch up to the lofty expectations Snow Crash gave me, and in that time barely a handful of overpriced, puke-inducing headsets have made their way into my test lab. Yet in the space of the last couple of weeks, I was able to go hands-on for an extended period of time with both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Furbo Pet Camera Review: It Confused My Dog And Busted My Naughty Landlord 

My dog started to get anxious about my recent move as soon as he saw me packing boxes. So when Furbo, an Indiegogo success, offered us its new pet camera with a built in treat dispenser, it seemed like a great way to keep an eye on him and keep him happy. Naturally, I wanted it.

Queensland Company Launches Second-Gen Hybrid Solar Inverters 

Some 1.4 million of Australia’s 7.8 million homes — around one in five — currently have solar power. During the day, solar panels generate large volumes of power that go unused in the home. This unused energy is exported to utilities who pay around 7c per kilowatt hour. At night, when families are home, power usage increases, and families purchase energy at four times their generation rate, with basic flat tariffs ranging between 25 to 28c per kilowatt hour. 
Brisbane-based Redback Technologies is launching a second generation version of their smart hybrid inverter and a new family of grid tied inverters that the solar energy specialist says will help households and commercial users increase the percentage of solar power they self-consume, improving the pay back from solar panels and helping to reduce reliance on fossil based fuels. 

App Deals: Make Your iPhone A Macro Camera With Camera Plus 

Today’s best deals include NOAA Weather Radar for Android, Camera Plus for iOS and Lamphead for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Will Live Concerts Make You Want To Strap VR To Your Face? 

With virtual reality headsets finally trickling out to the masses, content creators are searching for the Next Big Thing beyond gaming. Is it 360-degree film, in-depth immersive journalism or next-level live coverage? NextVR and Live Nation are betting big on the latter with plans to stream hundreds of live concerts of over the next couple years.

What The Internet Of Things Really Is, And How It Can Turn Your House Into A Smart Home 

“Internet of things” is, at face value, a pretty meaningless buzzword. It refers to the multitude of tiny, energy-efficient gadgets with Wi-Fi connectivity that are filling up our lives — ‘net-connected kettles and powerboards and sprinkler systems. 
But it also refers to the broader technology standards and infrastructure that allow these devices to exist, and to talk to the Web and to each other — and it’s this infrastructure that lets you build yourself a home from the future.

This Character Was He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named While Filming Game Of Thrones Season 6 

The production team was eager to keep one very big plot point from Game of Thrones’ sixth season under wraps — and they went to some pretty crazy lengths to do so, like banning this character’s name.

BMW's Next i8 Might Have Wireless Charging 

While the current BMW i8 is already both a looker and one of the more environmentally conscious supercars on our roads, the next iteration will likely be even more efficient. Reports from the UK say that the new i8 will have a topless roadster option, a more powerful electric motor and larger drive battery, and even the possibility of inductive wireless charging.

So There's A New Top Gear Trailer 

Watch: Here’s more footage from the upcoming series of Top Gear. There’s some nice cars in it. There’s no, er, problematic Jeremy Clarkson combating the scourge of political correctness taking over society. There’s Matt LeBlanc being a Generally Nice Person™. 
There’s sunshine and there’s rain. 

Bitcoin: Is Dave Kleiman The Missing Link In Craig Wright's Satoshi Story? 

When Wright, an Australian computer engineer and inventor, publicly claimed that he is Satoshi this week, he also alluded to receiving help from Dave Kleiman, a Palm Beach County-based computer forensics specialist who died in 2013. According to Wright, Kleiman provided extensive help with the writing of the so-called Bitcoin whitepaper, the document that introduced the digital currency to the world in 2008.

The New Airbus A350 Is Now Flying To Australia 

Qatar Airways has a new route from Doha to Adelaide — which will be the the first commercial Airbus A350 to land on Australian soil, expected to add an estimated $41 million to the local economy.
The launch of the new Adelaide route is part of Qatar Airways’ expansion plans in Australia. It launched its new daily flight to Sydney in March this year, and has been flying daily to and from Melbourne since 2009 and Perth since 2012. 
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