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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

YouTube Red Is Now Available In Australia 

Available in the US since November 2015, YouTube Red is YouTube’s premium paid ad-free service with original platform-funded content and offline access — and it is launching in Australia today. 
Not content with just one launch, YouTube are taking it a step further and releasing its dedicated YouTube Music app, too. Taking advantage of the huge amount of music content already on YouTube, the app is designed to make discovering, watching, and listening to it easier. Here’s everything you need to know.

Hey World, Meet The New Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 

Today’s the day. Reviews of Nvidia’s newest, greatest and most powerful graphics card, the GeForce GTX 1080, are about to hit the ‘net. But there’s also more to this card than its raw performance data. Here’s what’s going on under the hood of Nvidia’s big, bold attempt at cornering 4K and VR gaming in 2016.

Star Wars Episode VIII's Big Romance Might Not Go The Way People Expect It To 

Ryan Coogler talks about the challenges of making Black Panther. Andy Serkis promises his new Jungle Book movie will differentiate itself from Disney’s recent remake. Marc Guggenheim teases more DC heroes for Legends of Tomorrow season two. Plus new pictures from The Exorcist TV show. Spoilers now!

Construction Workers Discover Ancient Roman Ruins 

If you build a new Metro line in Rome, you have to worry about more than just engineering. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the construction team working on the Metro C, which will run through the centre of the city, has now unearthed a huge suite of ancient barracks.

Spider Silk Inspires Creation Of 'Liquid Wire' 

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown property of spider silk, and used it to create a remarkable new “hybrid” material. The new bio-inspired thread, which acts like both a solid and a liquid, could lead to a host of new materials and technologies.

Why Is The BBC Deleting 11,000 Recipes From The Internet? 

News reports last night claim that the BBC is planning to delete over 11,000 online recipes. But the internet didn’t suddenly run out of room, so what gives?

Robot Chicken Is Bringing A Walking Dead Special To Un-Life 

They have tackled Star Wars tons of times, and recently even the world of DC comics, but now Robot Chicken is turning its eyes towards The Walking Dead for a new themed special. I’m expecting a few jokes about a certain cliffhanger decision.

This Behind-the-Scenes Warcraft Video Includes Some Intriguing New Footage  

Like any niche of fandom, the Warcraft faithful love studying new trailers and footage to find clues about what the upcoming movie might hold. In addition to some awesome footage of how Warcraftwas made, this latest featurette has some very interesting shots for fans to puzzle over.

Amazing Train Driver Sprints Through Cars To Warn Of Inevitable Crash 

When a Polish train driver noticed a truck blocking part of the track ahead of his vehicle, he didn’t have time to bring the carriages to a stop before impact. So he used the three seconds he had to sprint through the train, warning passengers of the impact.

Kevin Smith Is Making An Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai TV Show 

A series based on wonderfully weird 1984 cult science fiction classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension is likely coming to TV, courtesy of Kevin Smith, and we have The Flash to thank (or blame, depending on your point of view). Read on, Hong Kong Cavaliers.

This Woodworking Wizard Turns A Single Block Of Wood Into A Chain  

Video: This is a really neat woodworking project from Matthias Wandel: turning a single piece of wood into a chain just by using power tools. It takes very careful planning and specific carving to transform the block of wood into links on a chain, but Wandel shows us his entire process in detail. The end result is really fun, because you still can’t believe how he made that (even though you saw him make it).

I Want To Live In This Incredible Full Scale Model Of NYC 

At first glance, it’s hard to discern whether these images of New York City are a super-stylised map, digital 3D-rendering, or perhaps simply a cute New Yorker illustration. In fact, they’re photographs of a 1:1200 scale model of the city housed in the Queens Museum.

Preacher Goes Behind The Scenes, Where There's A Table Just For Severed Limbs  

Everything we’ve seen so far from Preacher looks amazing, and now AMC’s released a trio of videos that do nothing but whet our appetite.

Hey World, Meet The New Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 

Today’s the day. Reviews of Nvidia’s newest, greatest and most powerful graphics card, the GeForce GTX 1080, are about to hit the ‘net. But there’s also more to this card than its raw performance data. Here’s what’s going on under the hood of Nvidia’s big, bold attempt at cornering 4K and VR gaming in 2016.

El Niño Gives California Crabs 

This year’s monster El Niño is truly a monster — it’s been blamed for killing coral reefs. Add another die-off to the list: Southern California beaches are blanketed in hundreds of thousands of tiny crabs. So many that it’s turning the beaches red.

This Elevator Moves Both Horizontally And Vertically 

Willy Wonka’s glass elevator is real! Well, sort of.

Recently Declassified Photos Show The Birth Of The Soviet Space Program 

Kapustin Yar (known today as Znamensk) is one of the Soviet Union’s first rocket launch and missile development sites. The test ground was established on 13 May 1946, and to mark its 70th anniversary Russia’s Defence Ministry has declassified revealing photographs of the site that offer a peak inside the top secret military complex.

Godzilla 2 Just Lost Its Star Wars Director 

Gareth Edwards had only directed one film before tackling 2014’s massive Godzilla. That film got him the gig helming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and although he was expected to return for Godzilla 2, that’s no longer happening.

See The World From A Container Ship In This Surprisingly Lovely Video 

Video: Climbing aboard a container ship isn’t exactly the most glamorous way to travel, but when the footage is condensed into a time lapse — oh my, is it stunning. It’s especially neat to see the different layers of the sky dance overhead, but the coolest part is just being around all that blue. It really makes you feel the vastness of the world.

Amazon's Planning To Sell Own-Branded Food 

Amazon already sells plenty of own-branded products, from USB cables and baby wipes to clothes and linen, but so far it’s steered clear of filling up your grocery cupboard with its own products. 

This Amazingly Cool Model Bridge Was Made By Year 3 Student 

Video: OK, so he had a lot of help from his dad, but this Year 3 student’s school project — a wooden model of the Steel Bridge in Portland — is totally awesome. It has all the moving parts of the real bridge; both the lower and upper decks can be lifted to make way for boats on the river.

6 Things We Want From The Twin Peaks Revival 

While the much-anticipated return of David Lynch’s ground-breaking, bizarre Twin Peaks is never far from our coffee-addled minds, it’s been looming even larger since the entire cast was revealed. What better time to binge-watch the original 30 episodes — and ponder what we’d like to see when episode 31 finally arrives next year?

Watch An Airbus A380 Abort A Landing While It's Incredibly Close To The Ground 

Video: Here’s a British Airways Airbus A380 attempting to land at the Vancouver airport. You can see the world’s largest passenger aeroplane make its final approach and come so, so close to the ground — but then decide to abort and make a go-around instead. It’s incredibly impressive to see such a big plane make a manoeuvre like this.

How A Digital Projector Produces Trillions Of Colours Without Catching On Fire 

Some digital projectors can produce 281 trillion shades of colour. That’s approximately 40 thousands colours for each and every person on Earth. What makes them work is theoretically simple, but the technological feat requires extreme precision in practice.

Here's The First Look At Idris Elba As The Gunslinger In The Dark Tower 

The first photos of Idris Elba on the South African set of The Dark Tower have leaked, and they look great. Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) is directing the much-anticipated Stephen King adaptation, which stars Elba as the gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as the man in black.

Stick-On Lenses Turn Your Phone Camera Into A Microscope 

Lens accessories for smartphones are by no means a new idea, but they’re often clunky, awkward to use, and far from something you’d want to try and squeeze into your pocket. These Blips lenses are a different story: They attach to your smartphone like a piece of tape, and are slim enough to carry alongside your credit cards.

The Best Cartoon Ever Made About Superheroes Fighting Each Other 

Batman v. Superman was not good. Captain America: Civil War was great. But I submit to you that the finest exemplar of the ‘superdudes gotta fight’ is the episode of the excellent ’90s cartoon The Tick titled “The Tick Vs. the Tick.” It’s got superhuman crushing power!

Our Solar System Could Remain Habitable Long After Earth Is Destroyed 

In a few billion years, the oceans will boil away and the atmosphere will burn up as our sun expands into a red giant. It will be game-over for life on Earth, but in the outer solar system, the party will just be getting started. Europa and Enceladus will melt into ocean moons, offering a refuge for any post humanoid life forms fleeing their lava-soaked homeland.

The Assassin's Creed Film Might Have Forgotten What Made Assassin's Creed Great 

Last week we got our first, beautiful glimpse of Michael Fassbender running around shanking people in the face for the Assassin’s Creedmovie — and it was actually quite promising! But fresh news about the film will give anyone familiar with the gaming franchise cause for concern.

Scotland Will Soon Get The World's Biggest Floating Offshore Windfarm 

Congratulations kilt-wearers and descendants of William Wallace! Your country’s seas are about to become the proud guardians of the world’s largest floating wind farm.

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