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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Australians Should Be Allowed To Circumvent Geoblocking: Productivity Commission 

Australian consumers should be allowed to use technologies like VPNs and proxies to defeat the efforts of companies like Netflix and HBO that stop them from accessing digital content libraries from other countries. That’s the thrust of a Productivity Commission draft report into overhauling Australia’s existing copyright laws that has just been released.

The White House Screening Of The Hunt For Red October Had Celebrities, Spies And (Maybe) A Sex Scandal 

President George H. W. Bush hosted a star-studded screening of The Hunt for Red October at the White House on February 19, 1990. The guests included everyone from Tom Clancy and James Earl Jones to the CEO of Paramount and Colin Powell. Robert Gates was there, as was the director of the CIA, and men from the highest ranks of the Navy. But there are some guests who still remain a secret, even to this day. 

Competitive Hackysack Routines Are Goddamn Bonkers 

Hackysack is basically designed for stoned people. It requires coordination but not a lot of actual effort. It’s the perfect activity for ripping bowls in an abandoned soccer field. Or at least that seemed to me the case until I found out about “competitive footbag.” 

Another DC Movie Director Might Be Departing Their Film 

Just a day after The Flash lost its director over creative differences, it looks like the DC Cinematic Universe could be losing another director for the same reason: James Wan, who is slated to direct Aquaman

A Breakdown Of How The US Spends Every Food Dollar  

The USDA has released an update to its “food dollar” breakdown — a division of a single dollar into the exact amount every link in the chain receives. So what’s new in the latest data from 2014, over last year’s update? There’s a series of changes, all of which seem to trend towards the same point: America is cooking for itself less and less. 

The Wheel Of Time Is Going To Be A TV Series After All 

After last year’s fight over the TV rights to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, Jordan’s widow Harriet McDougal has said that the legal situation is sorted and a new adaptation is already on its way. 

A Jagerbomb That Explodes When You Drop In The Shot Is A Much More Awesome Drink 

Video: Jagerbombs are awful, gross, taste like medicine and don’t really deserve to exist after you grow up. Explosions are awesome, cool and need to happen more in your life as you get old (the highly controlled, non-violent and fun sort of explosions, of course). 

Helium Is The Secret Behind Seagate's New 10TB Hard Drives 

Advances in regular hard drive tech are still very important, especially in the enterprise space. No, James Kirk doesn’t need more gigabytes to keep his extraterrestrial porn collection — but the cloud does need more bits to hold your dirty pictures and videos and the odd work document. And so, we now have drives filled with helium. 

New Set Photos From Star Wars Episode VIII Show Off Some Interesting Locations 

The Daily Mail just posted up a whole bunch of new photos from the Star Wars Episode VIII’s filming location at Pinewood Studios, and they show off some interesting locations. Potential spoilers ahead.

Watch These Drone-Assisted Aussies Catch Bluefin Tuna 

Our drone-supplemented future will leave nothing untouched, including the untamed oceans that surround our corner of the globe. While the government might be busy employing the little flying contraptions to look for sharp-toothed aquatic hunters, these Aussie fishermen have smaller targets in mind. Tuna, to be precise. 

12 Novel Adaptations That Should Get A Do-Over Reboot 

We’ve all been there: a favoured book is snapped up for adaptation, with a whole lot of potential behind it: solid cast, crew, production values, etc. When it hits theatres, you walk out wishing that they’d done everything differently. 
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