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Monday, May 9, 2016


The Toyota Research Institute of North America thinks they’ve found the secret to using magnesium in rechargeable batteries. This would replace lithium as a safer, more energy-dense option for batteries in everything from cell phones to cars. Read more
A Brazilian team is developing a wheelchair that uses brain-computer interface techniques to help people with serious motor impairment to control the equipment through facial expressions. A start-up has been created to bring the product to market within two years. Read more
​Using data captured by NASA's MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (MESSENGER) spacecraft, a team of scientists has constructed the first complete digital elevation model (DEM) of the planet Mercury. Read more
Based 15 miles north of the US-Mexico border, Casa Caldera is left empty for long stretches, so unwelcome attention from migrants and narco-traffickers was a concern. In response, Dust built a secure and surprisingly green bunker-like bolthole that's more sophisticated than it looks. Read more
The next generation of Windows phones and tablets could feature pre-sensing touch capabilities if work out of Microsoft Research makes the leap from prototype to production. The technology allows a touchscreen to anticipate touch input before you lay a finger on the display.Read more
After a six month hiatus, ground tests have resumed on the third prototype (A/C3) of the AgustaWestland AW609 tiltrotor. Testing was suspended following a fatal air crash on October 30, 2015, which cost the lives of two test pilots.Read more
A poorly functioning placenta is a problematic one as doctors are unable to treat it with drugs and are instead forced to induce labor early. But scientists have now found a way in by using existing cancer drugs that mistake the placenta for a tumor and boost its health. Read more
Swiss researchers have fashioned a drone that remains airborne through a single propellor, resulting in what they describe as the mechanically simplest controllable flying machine in existence.Read more
Engineers at the University of Michigan are developing algorithms that allow an unsupported bipedal robot named MARLO to negotiate uneven, unstable ground without toppling over. Read more
Nvidia has unveiled what it describes as the world's most advanced gaming GPU, the GeForce GTX 1080. The chip runs on Nvidia's Pascal architecture, which currently powers its DGX-1 supercomputer and Drive PX 2 in-car computer. Read more
A few weeks ago, startup carmaker Faraday Future broke ground on a US$1 billion manufacturing facility in the US city of North Las Vegas, Nevada. The plant will be the company's first and will be used to build its planned line of connected electric vehicles (EVs). Read more
A two-seat, all-electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet aircraft is currently being developed by an ESA incubator enterprise in Germany. Claimed to be capable of 400 km/h (250 mph), the Lilium Jet is aimed at providing personal VTOL air-travel for the masses Read more
The Luxembourg government, along with the Luxembourg Société Nationale de Crédit et d'Investissement (SNCI), has entered into a partnership with the US asteroid mining company Deep Space Industries (DSI) to develop new commercial space technologies with an emphasis on asteroid mining. Read more
Riversimple, creators of the Rasa hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, has revealed two new concept models at the London Motor Show - a stylish four-door sedan and a practical light commercial vehicle.Read more
​The same team that developed a flexible phone which treats bending its screen as a form of input have now done themselves one better by creating a flexing display that's also holographic.Read more
Ford this week unveiled an interesting 50-year exhibit at the US National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum. The split-personality sculpture is made from the front halves of the 1965 and 2015 Mustangs, highlighting 50 years of evolution. Read more
Based on established automotive technology and an extended call center infrastructure in Europe, BMW Motorrad's vehicle-integrated Intelligent Emergency Call system is designed to reduce emergency service response times by as much as 50 percent when it makes its motorcycle debut early next year. Read more
​How often do you end up throwing out fruit that spoiled before you could eat it? Well, it may soon be happening a lot less, thanks to a new silk-based coating. Strawberries treated with the substance remained fresh and juicy for up to a week without refrigeration. Read more
We currently measure changes in ice sheets via data gathered by satellites, or by flying planes overhead. But there could be a better way, with a team of researchers getting positive results from a new method that tracks seismic vibrations caused by ocean waves to measure changes in ice volume. Read more
The HTC 10 may be our favorite phone of the year; it's a greater than the sum of its parts return to form for one of the historically best smartphone makers. LG's G5, meanwhile, is an ambitious attempt at modularity, toeing the line between innovation and gimmickry. Let's see how they compare. Read more
​On Monday the 9th of May the planet Mercury will make a rare transit of our Sun. The transit is a rare opportunity to observe firsthand the ordinarily hidden celestial mechanics that govern our solar system. Read more
For diabetics, keeping track of blood sugar can be a drag, with Type 1 sufferers having to monitor levels as much as six times a day. A new device might make life easier, providing a non-invasive solution for tracking glucose, without the need to extract blood. Read more
Bosch has developed a collision-detection system that not only warns a driver of an impending crash, but that applies the brakes and disengages the throttle to avoid the collision. What’s new about this system is that it’s made for light rail and will be tested on trams in Germany. Read more
The Sensus guitar is said to be "a unique mix of acoustic tradition and state of the art technology," with the folks behind it going so far as to claim that it's "the world's first smart guitar." Read more
This week sees the return to the calendar of a major motor show in the UK. The new London Motor Show has been created with the intention of eventually rivaling the likes of Geneva, Paris and Dubai. Gizmag went along yesterday for a sneak peek. Read more
The UK Science Minister Jo Johnson confirmed today that the vessel will be named "Royal Research Ship Sir David Attenborough" instead of "Boaty McBoatface." Read more
The last thing you want from a multifunctional event space is for it to be constrained by the design of its interior, so one art center has foregone any interior at all. Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, in the Netherlands, instead fills its empty space with moveable architectural and furniture units. Read more
We all know how difficult it is to ignore your vibrating phone at the dinner table. Thanks to Ditto, you can silence the non-essentials. Just put it in your pocket, select whose calls, texts, emails, or third party messages you want to be notified about, and Ditto will vibrate to your specifications. Engineered by the team who brought you Beats—it’s a certified game-changer. Read more