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Friday, May 6, 2016


SpaceX has nailed a night landing of its Falcon 9 booster. Against all expectations,​ the rocket not only achieved its second landing on the unmanned "Of Course I Still Love You" droneship, but did so in the dark, at high speed and with little fuel. Read more
Thanks to an advance involving their VelociRoACH, researchers at University of California at Berkeley's Biomimetic Millisystems Lab have figured out a way to create machines that will have a "no robot left behind" sense of duty – at least when it comes to climbing stairs.​​ Read more
Scientists have discovered a new way to finely control how much heat and steam is released in the process of boiling water, a technique they say could lead to advanced cooling systems for more efficient electronic devices. ​ Read more
While diverse in terms of models and supported sports, Garmin's fitness trackers are all "digital geek" when it comes to styling. The new vivomove offers more classic watch styling. Read more
Current VR technology can transport your eyes and ears to virtual worlds, but it's always had trouble with the rest of your body. That could be about to change, as AxonVR has developed a prototype virtual reality platform that lets your whole body feel and interact with the virtual world. Read more
In 2004, the Donkervoort D8 RS set a Nürburgring record, blowing the previous Porsche Carrera GT record away by close to 15 seconds. And now Donkervoort is launching that model's spiritual successor, the D8 GTO-RS.​Read more
Beside a mid-life redesign of the Toyota GT86 in New York, very little has changed since the ToyoBaru twins launched in 2012. At least very little had changed, until Toyota whipped the covers off the GT86 Shooting Brake concept.Read more
The 2017 Ford F-150 pickup truck will include the latest-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine as an option, adding 30 lb-ft of torque to its output. This will mate to a new 10-speed automatic transmission to aid performance and capitalize on the now best-in-class torque values of the new engine. Read more
Cloud-seeding scientists may soon have a new tool at their disposal, with researchers in the US successfully testing a cloud-seeding drone aimed at offering a cheaper and safer alternative to current methods. Read more
Ford's engineers may have found a way to cut the cost and development time associated with wind tunnel testing of new vehicles. Made up of two shipping containers, the automaker's new mobile aeroacoustic setup is designed to test in-cabin wind noise at a fraction of the usual cost. Read more
Through IBM Quantum Experience, the public will be able to experiment with individual quantum bits (qubits), process their own experiments, and run some of their own algorithms directly on IBM's quantum processor. Read more
NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center and Honeywell have flight tested a cockpit display that allows pilots to visualize the location of sonic booms before they occur. With this knowledge, aircraft can change course and minimize the boom over populated areas. Read more
​Smartwatches may be handy, but their tiny touchscreens can easily be obscured by your fingers as you're using them on the device. As a result, we've seen various attempts to move the control surface off of the screen. One of the latest, the SkinTrack system, moves it onto your hand and lower arm.​ Read more
​Because they filter our blood, our kidneys are particularly susceptible to damage from toxins in our bloodstream. So, how do drug developers know how much is safe? Typically, it's through animal testing, although researchers have now developed something more accurate – a "kidney-on-a-chip."​ Read more
​NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered evidence of ancient volcanoes on the surface of the planet, that are believed to have erupted under a sheet of ice. Read more
Already home to some of the world's most ambitious construction and engineering projects, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is reportedly exploring the possibility of building an entire manmade mountain, as part of an attempt to boost rainfall in the area. Read more
Different types of cancer require very specific treatments, and they can become resistant to chemotherapy as time goes on. Now, researchers have worked out how to cut off the supply of vital nutrients to cancer cells, opening the door to future treatments. Read more
Researchers at the University of Cambridge (UC) have allowed an embryo to grow in the lab for a full 13 days, brushing right up against the legal limit.Read more
Facial surgery can require bone to be removed, and material has to be harvested from elsewhere in the body to fill in the gaps. New research could provide an alternative, creating custom-made, 3D-printed implants from a mixture of plastic and bone powder. Read more
Among supercar fans, the name Noble is one of those that’s whispered by those in the know and Googled by those who aren’t. Now the exclusive automaker has unveiled a new M600 at the London Motor Show courtesy of its distributor, Super Veloce Racing. Read more
​You might not have heard of Mitsuoka, but the boutique brand has been manufacturing cars since 1968. The Brooklands, Viewt and Roadster are all being offered in the UK for the first time, posing the question: do British buyers really want a Japanese knock-off version of the cars they grew up with? Read more
The Internet of Things space has thus far been reserved for budding electricians and programming masters--but Wio Link changed that. This plug and play board can be as simple as plugging in a sensor or as complex as using your favorite programming language to prototype a product. This bundle will give you the hardware to get started, and the skills to take your projects to the most advanced levels. Read more