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Monday, May 16, 2016


With its line of Dash Buttons, Amazon looked to make it easier to resupply specific household items at the press of an Internet-connected button. Now the online retailer has expanded the idea with the AWS IoT Button, which can be programmed to perform various Internet of Things (IoT) functions. Read more
If you want a high-end VR headset, there are only two options right now. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are slightly different takes on virtual reality and the future of gaming. We've been using both for over the last month – let's compare the two and break down some key differences.Read more
A patent filing has surfaced showing a concept smartwatch interface from Samsung, designed to project a touch-enabled display onto the back of the user’s hand. Read more
​Alfa Romeo's range was made up of two hatchbacks between 2008 and 2013, but exciting things are happening in Turin. It mightn't get the blood racing like 2013's Alfa 4C supercar, but the new Giulia has the ingredients to take on midsize sedans like the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. Read more
Researchers have tested a new type of lab-grown blood vessel implant with encouraging results. The bioengineered vessels proved more durable and just as safe as commonly used synthetic grafts when implanted into patients undergoing kidney dialysis. Read more
Following on from a small, discreet mobility exoskeleton it released last year, Korean auto giant Hyundai has revealed images of a much beefier, tougher looking robotic exoskeleton aimed at the transportation, industrial and military markets. Read more
As the world's automakers push to have their self-driving cars ready for widespread adoption, trials are popping up everywhere. Greenwich is the latest area to open itself up to self-driving car trials, in an attempt to find out how the public feels about ceding control to a car.Read more
Melbourne folk do love their coffee, and one day the beverage mightn't be just pepping them up for a day's work. Swinburne University researchers have scoured the campus' cafes for coffee grounds and used them as part of the mix for a more sustainable road material. ​​ Read more
To overcome Rwanda's challenging topography, the Rwandan government and US startup Zipline are preparing to launch a drone delivery service that will start dropping much-needed blood bags to 20 remote hospitals in the coming months. Read more
Researchers have developed a tiny origami robot that is swallowed as a capsule, then unfolds in true Transformer style to patch a wound or remove foreign objects, such as button batteries. Read more
Last year, Spanish motorcycle marque Bultaco rose from the ashes to present an all-new .. electric mountain bike. It still isn't ready to announce a legit production electric motorcycle, but it's moving one step closer, bringing the Brinco onto the street (legally). Read more
Disney's new robot uses a hydrostatic transmission that combines hydraulic and air lines, providing more degrees of freedom as well as greater precision and delicacy of touch. Read more
The SkyRunner can rip over the ground at speeds up to 70 mph (113 km/h), then shoot through the air at up to 52 mph (84 km/h) with a separate drive system. And now it can be yours ... for a price. Read more
​Smartglasses aren't unlike smartphones, in that you don't want just anyone picking up yours and using it. Conventional passwords are one way to go, but scientists have developed an alternative that doesn't involve memorizing anything – you do, however, have to let the glasses buzz your skull.​ Read more
Researchers have looked to gain concrete information as to how helpful a smartphone app can be for patients tackling anxiety and/or depression. The results of the study were positive, but they aren’t necessarily indicative of mental health apps as a whole. Read more
Among the connectivity features of BMW's ConnectedDrive infotainment system are the ability for drivers to make calls, listen to music and get live traffic information. A new update now brings more music options, along with other features including smart home integration. Read more
A team of astronomers has discovered a faint blue dwarf galaxy nicknamed Leoncino or the "little lion," that could be used as a tool to test the Big Bang Theory. Read more
MixChecker from Audified allows home mixers and studio pros to hear what their tracks sound like when listening through a TV, car stereo, smartphone or studio monitors and adjust for any weak spots.Read more
Nissan has been working away in chemistry class, and says it has managed to draw more power and a longer life from its lithium-ion batteries by examining the structure of amorphous silicon monoxide. ​ Read more
Drone Volt's Janus 360 drone boasts two heads to carry a total of 10 cameras in order to capture obstruction-free, 360-degree 3D video for use in virtual reality content production. Read more
Smartwatches may be less cumbersome than smartphones, but those little screens of theirs can only display a limited amount of content. That's why researchers have created a prototype smartwatch with two touch-sensitive screens.​ Read more
Mobile phones have rendered the UK's iconic red phone boxes largely redundant, but the mobile lifestyle that they have helped usher in is now seeing them repurposed. New York-based co-working outfit Bar Works is fitting out the phone boxes as mini work pods for people on the go. Read more
There are many MacBook Air storage expansion methods out there, but none quite like this. Simply insert the TarDisk into your MacBook Air’s SD-card slot and it will seamlessly and permanently add 64GB of storage to your existing drive, without slowing down your notebook. You’ll be able to avoid those pesky “startup disk almost full” notifications a bit longer and extend your MacBook Air’s life with one quick addition. Read more