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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


There are now several choices of motorized front wheels that temporarily turn your regular bike into an e-bike. So, what does a new product have to do to stand out in this market? Well, it helps if has a radically different design than its competitors – and the GeoOrbital Wheel has just that.​ Read more
For those with disabilities who are unable to use a mouse or a touchscreen, mass-produced devices can become more of a hindrance than a help. This is why a Turkish designer says he came up with GlassOuse, which puts the capabilities of a mouse on a pair of glasses. Read more
When the Floating Seahorse was first unveiled, it had the look of something that might well stay on the drawing board. On the contrary, though, the first one is now in situ at the World in Dubai and, such has been the interest in them, details of a larger Signature Edition have been released. Read more
A new project in Panama is using plastic bottle waste as a basis for an entire village. It's early days yet, but the idea is that the aptly-named Plastic Bottle Village will eventually comprise between 90 to 120 homes, each packed with thousands of plastic bottles. Read more
Researchers from the University of Washington have developed a monitoring system that allows patients to call in from anywhere in the world to gauge the health of their lungs over the phone. Read more
When Elon Musk announced the Tesla Model X would be fitted with a Bioweapon Defense Mode, we wondered how well the system would work. Tesla's preliminary tests suggest the answer is pretty damn well, which is good news for early-adopting hypochondriacs keen to hum around in an exclusion zone. Read more
It looks like a regular pushbike until you pull a pin that unlocks the main frame downtube, allowing the bike to twist in the middle and put the wheels wildly out of alignment with one another. Why? Because it looks absolutely bizarre.​Read more
Exomars 2018 is now ExoMars 2020 after the Euro-Russian Mars landing mission was officially postponed for two years. The joint ESA/Roscosmos venture has been beset by delays over the past four years and recent setbacks in mission preparations have placed the 2018 launch window out of reach. Read more
With a view to creating smoother, more minimalist devices, LG has just announced a new fingerprint sensor module that lives underneath the glass. Unless you know what you're looking for, you won't even know it's there. Read more
A team of astronomers working at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) has discovered three planets orbiting a dwarf sun, just 40 light-years from Earth. All three worlds are potentially habitable and may be the best candidates yet in the search for life beyond our solar system.Read more
Last year, Mini launched a car for "fresh air enthusiasts." Unfortunately, though, there was a problem – the Mini Convertible didn't cater for fresh air enthusiasts who want to go fast, forcing the British brand to add more power in the form of the new John Cooper Works Convertible. Read more
​While it's important that dogs know some basic obedience commands at the very least, training them can be a monotonous and frustrating experience. Well, perhaps before too long, we could have computers doing the job for us. They're already being used to teach dogs to sit. Read more
To recognize the burgeoning field of robot art, a new contest has been launched by website, and you can help determine which mechanical painter will win. Read more
Like it or not, the number of SUVs roaming around our city streets is growing at an alarming rate. You can barely cover a block without seeing a Mazda CX-3 or Honda HR-V, so it's no surprise Nissan is keen to get a bigger slice of the pie with the brand-new Kicks. Read more
A team of researchers at La Trobe University is developing a blood test for earlier detection of Parkinson's disease. The team estimates that it could be available within the next five years. Read more
The SeeNote is a compact, front-lit ePaper display to replace your sticky notes, and gives you reminders based on live traffic information, provides access to a range of smart-home features and, of course, lets you leave notes for your housemates. Read more
​Volkswagen has updated its Amarok, but rather than focusing on what makes it rugged and tough, the changes are all about refinement. With a more powerful V6 diesel engine, more precise steering and shiny exterior highlights, the updated truck should offer a more car-like drive.Read more
Fact: this compact sensor could save you thousands of dollars in car repairs. Just plug it into your car and connect to your phone via Bluetooth to get started. FIXD does everything from deciphering a “check engine” light to determining whether a problem is drivable or needs immediate attention. Even set it up with multiple cars, so no vehicle goes unprotected. Read more