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Thursday, May 19, 2016


Light has long been one of the areas of physics that is best understood. But now researchers have discovered a new form of light that not only adds to our deeper understanding of its properties, but may help improve quantum computing and fiber-optic communications Read more
For those who don't spray on lycra shorts every morning, Benelli's new eBikes offer a compelling commuting option. We jumped on the Benelli Achle 29, a hub-drive electric mountain bike with some 250 watts of pedal-assist power. Read more
Described by its creators as a "Swiss Army Knife" for musicians, the Senstand multi-function music stand can be set to different heights and be transformed into instrument storage, a standing desk, drinks holder, accessory minder and more. Read more
Tiny houses often lack in home comforts, but Tiny House Lumbec proves that doesn't always have to be the case. The firm's recently-completed TH2 tiny house features a generously-proportioned lounge and kitchen area, a wood-burning stove, and even a small bathtub. Read more
Skin-like wearables aren't quite ready for mainstream adoption yet. But this hasn't stopped a forward-thinking team of researchers from coming up with a new way to power these wearable electronics, developing a soft, millimeter-scale battery that can be stretched over the skin like a band-aid.​​ Read more
Revealed on Wednesday, Volvo's all-new 40.1 crossover and 40.2 small sedan concepts prove that things will be as stylish on the small end of Volvo's lineup as they are at the top. Read more
Engines aren't the only part of a car that create emissions: the plastics and foams spread throughout the cabin are dirty to manufacture as well. Ford is trying to tackle the problem by using captured CO2 in foam and plastic components.Read more
The Australian Department of Defence has announced that the HIFiRE 5B hypersonic aircraft has reached a velocity of Mach 7.5 over the Woomera Test range. Read more
Much of the Australian Outback has no mobile signal, but it does have more than a few Toyota LandCruisers. A plan has now been hatched to take advantage of this fact, which would see vehicles kitted out with Wi-Fi, UHF and other technologies to form a roving network for emergency communications.​ Read more
​To combat health risks posed by air pollution, car manufacturers are working to make sure we're able to breathe easy in their cars. Tesla has Bioweapon Defense Mode, and now Audi is getting on board with a new filter that removes particulates, gases and allergens from the air. Read more
Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have been developing a drone that ignites controlled burns from the air, and the team has now carried out real-world testing of the technology. Read more
Today Google announced an Android-based VR platform called Daydream, with no physical hardware in sight (yet). Let's take stock of what we do and don't know about Daydream. Read more
Saab has developed its Sea Wasp underwater ROV for neutralizing terrorist IEDs planted in confined harbor areas.Read more
We're at Google's 2016 I/O event, the annual showcase for some of its upcoming software innovations, and one of those innovations is Instant Apps for Android. Instant Apps let you download and use part of an app without installing it, and there are a whole range of ways that could prove useful. Read more
Gizmag is live in Mountain View for this year's Google I/O event, and alongside Echo-like assistants and VR software, Google has also treated us with news of a big update for Android Wear. Improvements to messaging, standalone apps and more are on the way. Read more
​According to a study carried out by researchers from Cornell University, aged red giant stars could harbor exoplanets suited to the evolution of extraterrestrial life. Read more
Enjoying an all-Italian co-operation that started several decades ago, MV Agusta and Pirelli created a special version of the Brutale 800 naked roadster. Sporting a unique paint job, the one-off show bike pays homage to the new Diablo Rosso III supersport tires with which it's fitted.​Read more
As expected, Google announced a new virtual reality component for Android at its I/O conference today, setting the foundation for new VR apps, standalone headsets and more. It's called Daydream and the technology will be built into the upcoming Android N release when it arrives later this year. Read more
Mario Queiroz, Google's Vice President of product management unveiled Google Home, one of the expected announcements at today's I/O event. Will it be an Echo killer?​ Read more
​The European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope located at the Paranal Observatory, Chile has captured a stunning vista of an emission nebula known as LHA 120-N55, or N55 for short. Read more
Earlier this month, we got our first peak at concept images of the GO wheelchair from Layer Design. Now, the company has provided a detailed look at the product itself, as well as the purpose-built gloves it plans to sell alongside it. Read more
Biofilms are responsible for up to 80 percent of all infections and they're exceedingly difficult to kill. However, a team of researchers has recently uncovered a compound from a sea sponge found in Antarctica that can get the job done. Read more
The Nokia name is coming back, thanks to a new license agreement that allows Finnish company HMD to sell phones using the name over the next 10 years​. Windows Phone is gone, with Android arriving in its place. Read more
We can shop without ever leaving the house, but there's still something nice about actually going to a physical store. Now, virtual reality might become a good middle ground, as eBay teams up with Australian retail brand Myer to let shoppers browse, examine and purchase items in VR. Read more
There are already a fair number of folding electric scooters to choose from, although most of those have tiny wheels and no seat. If you're looking for something a little more road- and butt-worthy, there are still some choices – and one of the latest is the Dutch-made GiGi.​ Read more
Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has announced that it is celebrating 10 years of its ultra-large business jet, the Lineage 1000E, with a compelling new cabin concept. The Kyoto Airship design would see large, tall windows and skylights installed around the fuselage.Read more
A stunning new composite image, made up of nearly 7,000 individual snaps taken by ESA's Sentinel-2A, shows a completely cloud-free view of the African continent. It took the satellite some four months to gather the photos, with most of the shots taken between December 2015 and April 2016. Read more
You value your privacy, and your phone is one of the easiest ways that privacy can be violated. With this subscription to KeepSolid Phones, you’ll receive up to 3 completely private US or Canadian phone numbers with unlimited SMS, and unlimited calls (US lines only). The VolP-based app for iPhone and Android encrypts those calls and texts so you won’t have to worry about anybody listening in or getting your number. Read more