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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The US military may soon welcome some new additions to its fleet of unmanned aircraft, with the Navy revealing plans to purchase a set of small drones that can be launched into the air from submarines and other underwater vehicles. Read more
Hot rod street racer turned electric vehicle guru Luke Workman is a fascinating, hilarious and awe-inspiring human being. In part one of our interview he talks about his Death Bike, his overclocked Corbin Sparrow and the unlimited performance we'll soon see from EVs. Read more
Google is rumored to announce a standalone VR headset on Wednesday and, if it ticks a few key boxes, could end up planting its flag in an unclaimed sweet spot that successfully balances quality and price. Read more
Brace yourselves: Huawei is breaking out of China, with the P9 its most elegant flagship phone yet. It's partnered with famed camera maker Leica on a supercharged, dual-lens camera, as well as promising big things in terms of performance and battery life. Does it stand a chance? Read more
We've got used to seeing a budget Moto G phone from Lenovo/Motorola every year, and the Chinese company has just unveiled its 2016 Moto G model, together with a premium Plus version and a basic Play edition. Once again, the Moto G is aiming squarely for the low cost end of the Android market. Read more
French firm La Tiny House drew inspiration from the classic Airstream trailer while producing Tiny Stream. The approach paid off, resulting in an attractive home that's a welcome change from the stereotypical shed-on-wheels.Read more
​Omate’s new smartwatch – the Wherecom S3 – is built specifically for seniors. With a simple UI alonside built-in GPS and 3G, the idea is to allow the user to leave their phone at home, providing them with a safety net in the form of an SOS button, and allowing loved ones to locate them if needed.​ Read more
European airline easyJet has made getting around the continent easier and cheaper, and now it's given wings to an idea that would make it easier for its passengers to get around when they reach their destination. Its new "Sneakairs" prototype smart shoes vibrate to provide wearers with directions.Read more
How does a spider's web remain taut after being warped out of shape by winds and intrusive insects? Scientists have now unraveled this little mystery and used it as the basis of a self-spooling liquid wire they say could be used in a variety of applications. Read more
It's no surprise Ford has gone all out to make sure every little piece of the puzzle is up to scratch on the new GT. Having debuted the technology on the Shelby GT350R Mustang, the engineers behind the GT have chased weight savings with wheels from Carbon Revolution. Read more
As the number of smartwatches and fitness bands grows, companies like Garmin are being forced to squeeze more functions into their step-counting bands. The new Vivofit HR+ will measure heart rate, track you using GPS and even give detailed information about your run. Read more
A piloted Audi A7 research car nicknamed "Jack" has become a smart, courteous defensive driver that should be a pleasure to drive beside, whether you're handling the wheel or rolling in an autonomous car of your own. Audi calls it a "research car with social competence." Read more
Looking to improve access to urine testing for various diseases, Stanford University engineers have come up with a smartphone-based urine test for the home that uses a similar approach to those you'll find in the doctor's office, claiming it could offer equally accurate results.​ Read more
A New York startup claims it's ready to make the fictitious Babel fish a reality; the Pilot earpiece from Waverly Labs sits in your ear and is designed to provide near real-time translations of multilingual conversations. Read more
As automakers battle to reduce emissions, we're seeing more cars with one, two and occasionally three turbochargers. No-one besides Bugatti had been crazy enough to strap four turbos to the one engine, but BMW's 750d will change that with its quad-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six. Read more
A team of researchers led by a team Stellenbosch University in South Africa is developing a point-of-care rapid test for tuberculosis. The new test is aimed especially at areas and settings with limited resources, where it could help speed up diagnosis of the disease. Read more
BeBop Sensors has developed a smart fabric that is meant to make car seats smarter and thus safer by monitoring the size, weight, and movement of both drivers and passengers, whether they sit in the front row or back. Read more
​Having spent over 17 years in low-Earth orbit (LEO) the International Space Station (ISS) has completed its 100,000th lap of planet Earth. Read more
The decline of desktop computing and the proliferation of other devices that require text input mean that alternatives to the traditional keyboard are now needed. The Tap Strap wearable keyboard is one such alternative that works with Bluetooth devices and lets users tap on any surface to type. Read more
The Nura headphones combine in- and over-ear styles together as one, while also featuring a soundwave technology designed to automatically measure hearing and adapt the sound to match the listener.​ Read more
According to research conducted by ESA, atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide levels are continuing to rise, despite global efforts to lower emissions. The data was gathered by the long-serving Envisat probe, combined with readings from Japan’s GoSat mission. Read more
We’ve seen microfluidic devices used for everything from creating organ-on-a-chip systems, to diagnosing ebola. Now, scientists have created a device that uses acoustic vibrations to sort cells, paving the way for faster and more convenient blood test machines. Read more
Researchers have tapped into a mysterious jelly that allows sharks, skates and rays to detect weak electric fields produced by their prey. Read more
British firm Foster + Partners has gained planning permission for a pair of mixed-use glazed skyscrapers in San Francisco, California. Due to begin construction in November, the towers will feature hotel, office, and residential spaces. Read more
​A cutting edge light retardant coating designed to reduce the interference to the delicate optical equipment mounted on space probes is being put through its paces aboard the Kent Ridge 1 satellite, which launched into low-Earth orbit (LEO) in Dec. 2015. Read more
The boring old t-shirt is getting less boring by the day. They can already play music, detect Wi-Fi signals and, if Google ever brings Project Jacquard off the drawing board, even be used as a touchscreen. Now, Broadcast Wearables has a digital t-shirt that lets you write or draw your own designs. Read more
​Inspired by modern ski binding systems, Italian entrepreneur Paolo Piumatti figured that scuba divers could benefit from something just as convenient. The resulting Finclip system lets divers get their fins on with no awkward bending over.​ Read more
Peckham, in south-east London, used to have its own outdoor swimming pool, but it was closed in 1987 and all that remains visible is a crumbling fountain. Now, though, the firm behind the Thames Baths project is involved in plans to reopen the facility as Peckham Rye Lido.Read more
There's no more fun... or more practical... way to learn to program than with Raspberry Pi. This credit card sized computer is the cornerstone to connecting the Internet with the physical world. And this complete kit comes with the hardware and training to start taking on exciting projects asap. Read more