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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Since launching in 2013, ESA's Swarm satellites have been tirelessly making measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field, mapping it out in detail. Now, that data has been used to highlight how the magnetic field has changed over recent years. Read more
Howling wind, lashing rain, standing water on the road: ideal conditions to test the braking and stability electronics of two gorgeous British supercars. McLaren invited Loz and Scott to drive the exquisite 570S and 540C Sport series cars in some of the worst driving weather we've ever experienced. Read more
What do human versus computer games like chess and go tell us about AI? Is the success of computers a harbinger of a machine-led future or are computers just very good at playing board games? To see how this could play out, we first need to look to the past.​ Read more
The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has launched a new international award that highlights the best new buildings around the world. The institute has selected 30 buildings varying in size, cost, and style – each of which displays architectural innovation and excellence. Read more
UK tech firm Pavegen has been harvesting pedestrian power with floor tiles that convert the kinetic energy of footsteps into electricity since 2009. Today, the firm has launched a new version of the tiles and, in addition to being more efficient, they are able to capture footfall data. Read more
A thumbnail-sized fragment of a stone axe found in a remote area of Western Australia predates previous discoveries by more than 10,000 years. The axe fragment is estimated to be between 45,000 and 49,000 years old and was invented soon after humans arrived in Australia around 50,000 years ago. Read more
Having consistently subtly refined the design of its 801 and subsequent 800 Series flagship loudspeakers, Bowers & Wilkins launched the thoroughly redesigned 800 Series Diamond in 2015. Now, that set of speakers has a new flagship with the release of the 800 D3.Read more
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has announced plans to float passenger modules over its tracks using passive magnetic levitation, an approach it says will make the Hyperloop both cheaper and safer.​​ Read more
Shelby has created a car paying tribute to the legendary racers that forged its name in the 1960s. The just 15 examples of the new Sebring Tribute Roadster will be made, each designed to remind owners of the CSX2128 driven at Sebring by Dan Gurney in 1963. ​ Read more
Scientists at Massey University in New Zealand have created 3D-printable models of specimens for anatomy students: a cane toad skeleton and part of a spiny dogfish skull are now available to download, print and study. Read more
Nissan has partnered with power company Enel to launch a pilot program in the UK allowing electric vehicle owners to sell energy from their car batteries back into the grid. Nissan also announced the xStorage home battery. Read more
Today NASA announced the discovery of almost 1,300 new exoplanets by the Kepler space telescope, doubling the craft's previous tally and giving the chances of finding another world just like ours a healthy little boost.​ Read more
Audi is gearing up for this year's 24 Hours of Nurburgring by celebrating its 2015 victory. The all-new R8 V10 plus "selection 24h" limited edition celebrates that victory with upgraded standard equipment and a race-inspired aesthetics package. Read more
Two years after his untimely passing, Massimo Tamburini’s family has unveiled the motorcycle project the great Italian designer devoted his last years to. Built around a superbike-spec BMW engine, the T12 Massimo features an array of elite equipment in a unique hand-made frame. Read more
By now, just about everyone is familiar with video cameras that record in 3D, or that transmit traditional 2D footage. Vairdo's new EYSE actioncam, however, is actually capable of live-streaming high-definition 3D video. Read more
DHL has spent three months testing a completely automated system that lets customers drop off packages at a Parcelcopter Skyport for fast and fuss-free drone-based delivery. Read more
​New research is refuting the theory that the star known as KIC 8462852 is being stripped of its resources by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, as had previously been suggested. Read more
Hong Kong-based startup ONEaudio has created a unique kind of speaker using DECT technology. The ONEclassic DECT wireless speakers are designed to deliver lag-free, audiophile-grade sound at an affordable price. Read more
Hold the Pip between your thumb and forefinger and it senses whether you are stressing or relaxing. The audio and visual elements with the accompanying Pip apps provide the biofeedback to help you learn how to control the former and induce the latter. Read more
Researchers in the United Kingdom have successfully identified the chemical signature of ripening mangoes. The findings could be extended to other fruit, and might one day revolutionize how everyone from farmers to supermarket workers tell if their fruit is ready. Read more
Our understanding of breast cancer is almost constantly improving, and we’re always researching new ways of detecting the disease. Now, researchers have picked out a number of mutated genes linked to the cancer, only a small number of which were previously known.Read more
BioLite has made some pretty impressive camp lights. Now it's seeking funding on Kickstarter for a new source of light called BaseLantern, which not only provides Bluetooth controlled light, but also packs in some other handy features.​​Read more
The mini-coils in the Rivet pickups shape a host guitar's tone with just good ol' magnets and wire. No batteries, no processing, no filtering. Just boosted lower end or more presence in the highs, depending on which model is installed.​ Read more
Designed for sweltering afternoons at the beach, the new Beachill A-Zero folding mattress puts a comfy layer of foam between you and the hot sand. It also charges your smartphone with help from the pounding sun​ and keeps your beverages cool. Read more
A drone has captured a moment of maritime madness rarely seen by us here on dry land, filming from above as a pack of false killer whales chase and kill a juvenile shark off the coast of Sydney, Australia. Read more
You may know some Microsoft Office basics, but modern day businesses use this suite of tools like they depend on it. This training will open your eyes to what lies beyond Word and Excel (all though they are covered in detail too), so that you can impress potential or current employers with your ninja like skills. Read more