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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Last month, Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket touched down for the third time in a row, and the company has now offered us a fresh (and pretty awesome) perspective from the side of the booster as it returned to Earth. Read more
The Oculus Rift may not be the game-changing VR headset we once expected it to be (another product holds that honor) but it still has some high-quality games at launch. Read on as we break down the best Oculus Rift games, as of May 2016.Read more
The LG G5 stands out from this year's batch of smartphone upgrades in giving us something genuinely new to talk about. Its modular approach, letting you clip in spare batteries and camera packs and speakers, brings a touch of innovation to a market that seems to be levelling out. Read more
Preliminary plans have been unveiled for a new aerial cable car tourist attraction for the Windy City. Should the Chicago Skyline proposal be realized, it would transport up to 3,000 people per hour and link Navy Pier, the Chicago Lakefront, the Chicago River Riverwalk, and downtown Chicago. Read more
​The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) has detected the presence of atomic oxygen in the upper atmosphere of Mars. The observation is the first of its kind for 40 years, and will allow planetary scientists to refine their models of the Martian atmosphere. Read more
MG has launched its first-ever SUV at the London Motor Show. The GS was designed and engineered at the brand's Longbridge factory in Birmingham, UK, and will join the rapidly swelling crowd of high-riding hatchbacks designed with the city in mind. Read more
A team of computer scientists at the University of Washington has upped the dexterity stat of a five-fingered robotic hand that can ape human movements and learn to improve on its own. Read more
A new invisible polymer coating from MIT may offer a way to apply to brakes on ageing skin, by stretching over existing skin to smooth out wrinkles, act as a protective barrier and even slowly deliver drugs to treat eczema and other conditions. ​ Read more
Researchers have developed a low-cost, paper-based method of detecting viruses like Zika and Ebola, and can even identify a specific strain. The team believes the test can be used in the field to quickly and easily detect the presence of a virus, and be used to slow the spread of future outbreaks. Read more
Here's something that you might not know about the humble cactus: it has tiny cracks in its skin, which allow it to store moisture. Now, scientists have applied that same principle to a membrane which could make fuel cells a more viable option for powering vehicles.​ Read more
​There are already a number of sunlight exposure-tracking devices out there, that let us know when it's time to apply more sunscreen. That's all very well and good, but how do we know if we've put enough on in the first place? Well, that's why the Sunscreenr was developed. Read more
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has observed Enceladus' tiger stripe vents behaving in a way that will force astronomers to rethink their current models regarding the enigmatic moon's internal plumbing.Read more
The northern white rhino is right on the edge of extinction, but a team of scientists believes it might still be possible to bring the species back from the brink, with hopes of using stored genetic information to produce a new population. Read more
A few months after creating what was claimed to be the world's smallest MIDI synth, which was smaller than the capsule at the end of a 5-pin DIN cable, a self-confessed MIDI lover and prolific electronics tinkerer has managed to cram a tone generator into the black plastic inside the USB plug. Read more
Layer Design’s new product takes 3D printing’s unique ability to quickly provide tailored products, and uses it to build a custom wheelchair with an attractive design. The product is set to launch in London later this month. Read more
Ubiquiti Networks has announced AmpliFi, a system comprising a sleek-looking router, two extenders, and a smartphone app designed to deliver a high-degree of control over usage​ and the devices on the network.​ Read more
Few works of art are as beautiful as nature, so why not frame nature and hang it on your wall at home? That's the premise behind the Wall Garden, a new aeroponic planter that is designed to hang like a picture and grow herbs, flowers and vegetables. Read more
Not content with its plans to test autonomous cars on public roads in China and the UK, Volvo wants to test self-driving trucks in underground mines too. The Swedish carmaker has developed a fully autonomous construction truck that it says can work without supervision. Read more
If you're a Londoner, you're likely pretty used to seeing some odd things in Trafalgar Square. Now, a new project is looking to transform the famous landmark into a colorful crazy golf course featuring designs from renowned artists, designers and architects. Read more
Coders have what seems like endless career opportunities, all offering the impressive salaries we all dream about. But learning to program is a commitment of time and money--so where does one start? This bundle features all the key languages that will not only help you get started, but progress into a highly in-demand candidate. Read more