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Monday, May 16, 2016

Fire Rescue 1 Newsletter

May 16, 2016|View as webpage
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NH firefighter dies of cancer
NY town's first female fire chief also teaches, coaches
Ohio FF wins UFC heavyweight championship
NM fire chief refuses to resign over leaked racy photos: Questionable photos from a fire service trade show has sparked community outcry
Officials push to allow firefighters to carry EpiPens: Equipping firefighters with epinephrine could cost the city $25,000
La. town to pay firefighters lost overtime wages: An audit revealed numerous pay errors within the fire department
NC firefighter dies from aneurysm
Conn. firefighter killed in car crash
Assistant fire chief charged with embezzling over $60K
911 is no joke to John Oliver
Tenn. fire chief rescues neighbor from house fire
Aussie FFs free man's penis from wrench
The Sidewinder ReLoader by Firequip
Our new walk-behind hose rolling system moves effortlessly forward toward a stretched out hose, automatically coiling and draining as it goes. The best designed fire hose handling equipment technology available.
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What Keeps Public Safety Leaders Up at Night?
You've heard the calls for better transparency in public safety lately. So are you sure the tools you're using to make staffing, budget, compliance, emergency response, and other critical decisions are up to the challenge?
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How to better understand aerial trucks
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Fully understanding the aerial is critical for fireground operations and management.
Know your apparatus 
Firefighter grant scam alert
By Jerry Brant, FR1 Columnist
With new grant awards comes a new twist by scammers. Here's how to not get duped.
Avoid scams 
Digitech Dashboard
All your data at your fingertips. Completely customizable reporting that shows you what you want to see when you want to see it.
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Is alarm fatigue causing prehospital patient care errors?
By Catherine R. Counts, FR1 Contributor
Health care accreditation and safety organizations have cited alarm fatigue as a top patient safety risk.
Stay alert 
What the mattress industry's explosive growth means to fire chiefs
By Jim Spell, FR1 Columnist
Mattresses are big business with stores popping up overnight. Here's a look at the risk they present firefighters.
Alarming rates 
Lessons from a two-story house fire
Here's a look at how to handle a residential structure with fire blowing out of three sides and the public's perception of fireground activities.
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Arrival video: Mich. house fire
How it's made: Bagpipes
992Boy, 5, with brain cancer becomes firefighter for a day
933Conn. firefighter killed in car crash
798NY town's first female fire chief also teaches, coaches
640Firefighter who saved toddler from fire reunited 20 years later
495Organization to honor fire, EMS personnel who died by suicide