On Thursday, May 19, 2016, the 16th annual FDNY EMS Health Fair and Competition was held outside of FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn. EMTs and Paramedics across NYC tested their life-saving skills using real-life scenarios with mock patients. FDNY life safety mascot Siren, the FDNY Fire Safety Education team, and the FDNY Mobile CPR Unit were also on hand, teaching attendees to be ‪#‎FDNYSmart‬. See more photos from the day’s events at http://ow.ly/mlwR300pCNy [Flickr]
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Adam Stern
Adam Stern I am trying to get in touch with the persons who were taking pictures at the Event. I was one of the members competing and someone from HQ took a picture of me and my daughter doing CPR at the cpr tent. Any help to get in touch with the person who took that picture so I can get a copy. I would really appreciate the help.
Barbie Dunn
Barbie Dunn Thank You FDNY Men and Women
Thank you for taking care of the people in New York..
“We estimated that the patient had been entangled underneath the engine of the boat for quite some time before someone on the dock heard his cries for help and called 911. He had slipped, and in the process, twisted his ankle and displaced his hip. He wasn’t able to get himself out of the situation on his own. He didn’t have the strength to move himself.” – FDNY Battalion Chief Daniel A. Krueger from Battalion 39, who responded to the scene of a patient who was trapped under ...
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Barbie Dunn
Barbie Dunn 😘God Bless God was with you on that day🇱🇷
Joanne Beebe
Joanne Beebe Super great job fellows, NYFD always figure out what to do
In celebration of National EMS Week 2016, this week's Throwback Thursday photos show how New York City EMS has evolved over time. See the album at http://ow.ly/ZJyo300nHz2 [Flickr]
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Jim Braunstein
Jim Braunstein FDNY trying to re-write history as usual. FDNY had nothing to do with EMS in NYC before 1996. In fact, they sneered down at it with disdain. That ambulance was probably used to transport their members from hospital to home.
Gene Iannuzzi
Gene Iannuzzi This vehicle had NOTHING to do with EMS in NYC. This was one in a series of vehicles SOLELY used for injured FFs and NOT for 911 or public response. To imply that it did or that FDNY had anything to do with EMS prior to the merger in 1996 is historically inaccurate and insulting to those who laid the groundwork for modern EMS in the Department of Hospitals and NYC*EMS. Please fact check before posting.
Ciudad de Nueva York
La esposa del bombero retirado Kenny Ruane, de 67 años, lo halló insconsciente en el piso de su hogar el 24 de noviembre de 2015. Ruane se había sentido enfermo...
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Laurie L. Navarra-Verdin
Laurie L. Navarra-V