On Wednesday, May 18, 2016, in celebration of National EMS Week 2016, FDNY held the 22nd annual Second Chance Ceremony at the FDNY Training Academy on Randalls Island. This special event reunited thirteen patients, who have survived cardiac arrest, with the Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, FDNY EMS Officers, Firefighters, bystanders and other first responders who helped save their lives. Read the stories of all 13 patients at http://ow.ly/GIvB300lvdd [web page]
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Debbie Johnson
Debbie Johnson How nice for the first responders to see the after effect of what they do every day. Thanks to all first responders around the country for all you do for us every day!
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Margie Mackey Wilkinson
Margie Mackey Wilkinson The FDNY is simply the best!
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Today, May 18, Stewart McLaurin, President of The White House Historical Association presented the Official 2016 White House Christmas Ornament to FDNY First Deputy Commissioner Robert R. Turner and Chief of Department James E. Leonard. This year’s Ornament features the important role first responders play in communities across our country while honoring the administration of Herbert Hoover, who served as the thirty-first president of the United States from 1929 to 1933. Afte...
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Ruby Falcone Barnes
Ruby Falcone Barnes I will definitely pick one of see up!  Joe Ficarelli let me know if you want me to pick you up one too!
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Joanne Beebe
Joanne Beebe That is very nice
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Retired FDNY Firefighter Felix “Flip” Mullen, 71, was on his way to church on April 3, 2015 when he began to feel very ill. His wife Rita drove him to Bayview Urgent Care Center where he went into cardiac arrest. The staff immediately initiated CPR and called 911. Emergency Medical Technicians Stephanie McCaffrey and Jeffrey Levine of Station 47 arrived, applied an automatic external defibrillator and administered one shock. They were soon joined by Lieutenant John Johnson a...
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Kenneth Callaghan
Kenneth Callaghan Well done guys. Saving a life is great. But saving the life of a brother firefighter is over the top. To all my brothers stay safe
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Mickey Marian
Mickey Marian I salute all of my brothers and sisters of the FDNY for saving the life of brother Mullen. Thank you for your services and may you all live a good life at what you all enjoy 🇺🇸🚒🚑👮🙏❤️👍
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Retired FDNY Firefighter Kenny Ruane, 67, was found by his wife on the floor of his home barely breathing on November 24, 2015. He had felt ill for several days and now his condition had severely worsened. His wife called 911 for help. The Ruane home was soon filled with first responders looking to help. Lieutenant John Hillery and Firefighters Eric O’Connor, Robert Stuart, Steven McCarren and Erwin Arredondo from Engine Company 308; as well as Emergency Medical Technician...
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Jim McGlynn
Jim McGlynn Great story especially since the Fdny/Ems workers saved the life of one of the best firefighters ever to put on turnout gear
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