“When I saw that the 911 caller was only 12 years old, my heart sank. I knew this was serious. When we got there, the daughter was crying but we could tell that she had confidence in us. She knew that we were there to help. On that day, there were so many heroes, from Fire, EMTs and Paramedics, to the little girl and her mom, we were all in it together. We were going to do everything we could to save his life.” – FDNY Paramedic Ryan Rose from Station 46 in Queens, who along w...
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Karen LeRoy
Karen LeRoy Great story. Thank you FDNY , EMT's, Paramedics and First Responder Firefighters for your dedication and service God bless.
24 hrs
Paula Martello-Murphy
Paula Martello-Murphy Paramedics and EMTS cannot make enough money for the stressful he job they have, seeing patients and loved ones at the worst moments of there lives having to think so quickly and the skills to save someone all while remaining calm, and seeing horrific scene's and death. God Bless all who serve our community.
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Today, May 16, FDNY members and other Muddy Angels participating in the Capital-to-Capital ride, a 15-day cycling adventure and mental health campaign that started in Ottawa, Ontario, on May 7, arrived in New York City to join the 2016 National EMS Memorial Bike Ride for National EMS Week. A Memorial Mass was held at St Patrick’s Cathedral to honor our fallen EMS brothers and sisters, before participants biked to FDNY EMS Station 4 for a luncheon. The Ride will continue to Washington, D.C. as participants memorialize and celebrate the lives of those EMS members who serve, those who have become sick or injured while performing their duties, and those who have died in the line of duty.
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Laura Megofna
Laura Megofna Great ride to remember and honor your fallen EMS comrades and those EMS who continue to serve.
Joanne Beebe
Joanne Beebe NY has beautiful churches and EMS are great
18 hrs
For the eighth consecutive year, the Empire State Building, in partnership with the FDNY, is illuminated in yellow, white and blue with a red and white halo tonight in celebration of National EMS Week 2016. EMS Week is an annual week-long series of events designed to promote public safety among all New Yorkers, attract potential EMS recruits and celebrate the life-saving efforts of more than 4,000 members of FDNY’s Emergency Medical Service.
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Gino Santos
Gino Santos when will we expect to start hearing if our numbers are called and contacted for admission to the new york fire academy for 2016? New York City Fire Department (FDNY) New York City Fire Department Training Academy
23 hrs
New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Please follow facebook.com/joinfdny for info regarding careers with the Dept. Thanks so much
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Ellen Pillsbury
Ellen Pillsbury There's no place in the world like NEW YORK!
We had a great time hosting the second annual citywide ‪#‎FDNYOpenHouse‬ event! More than 200 Firehouses and EMS Stations opened their doors to the public, offering tours, demonstrations and more. See more photos at http://ow.ly/nY5p300cjAw [Flickr]
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Alyssa Rosamilia
Alyssa Rosamilia How often do u do this:)
New York City Fire Department (FDNY) We host Open House once each year
Kay Ciaccio
Kay Ciaccio Looking at all the pictures, looks like everybody had a great time. Bless all of you!!
‪#‎FDNYOpenHouse‬ is here! New Yorkers can meet the Firefighters, Paramedics and EMTs who help keep the community safe TODAY, May 14! Stop by to take a tour, view demonstrations, learn fire and life safety tips, explore FDNY careers and more! Sessions are 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. & 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Find your FDNY Open House by visiting http://bit.ly/FDNYOpenHouse16
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Richard Rosa
Richard Rosa People take advantage of the FDNY open house day today, learn something new, bring the kids:You will enjoy the experience!!