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Monday, May 16, 2016

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Off-duty EMT saves shooting victim
911 is no joke to comedian John Oliver
FF-medic wins UFC heavyweight championship
Pa. bill may allow paramedics to assist police in DUI cases: Paramedics would be able to draw blood at DUI crash scenes when a police officer is present
Officials push to allow firefighters to carry EpiPens: Equipping firefighters with epinephrine could cost the city $25,000
NM AMR offering free CPR training for EMS Week: Compression-only CPR allows bystanders to keep blood flowing through a victim’s body
White House petitioned to rename EMS Week
NH FF-medic dies of cancer
Program created to help EMTs with autistic patients
Students, nurse save teacher who suffered stroke
NBA player Kevin Durant helps ambulance stuck in traffic
Medics aid woman with shark bite
Get Free Grant Assistance on Medical Simulation Technology
Using just two iPads, the lightness and simplicity of ALSi makes it ideal for training. ALSi gives facilitators a great tool for training. ALSi offers innovative medical simulation, built off technology you use every day.
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My dad's work as an EMT taught me and about sacrifice and giving back
By Dustin Ponikiewski, EMS1 Contributor
The world needs more heroes, ready and willing to lend their helping hands.
Staying dedicated 
Retired paramedic gives time, talent to help earthquake survivors
By Andy Pittman, EMS1 Contributor
A former AMR medic helped the injured and worried during the 2016 Ecuador earthquake.
Called to care 
MagneGrip Product Demo Video
Demonstration of MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems and AirHawk Air Purification Systems.
Laerdal Compact Suction Unit 4 - Small, Effective, Versatile! Buy now from V.E. Ralph
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Want to know the pay expectations of paramedics?
By Nathan Harig, EMS1 Contributor
An EMS agency, facing an applicant shortage, surveyed EMS providers to see if employee-employer compensation expectations matched.
Start by asking 
How capnography and ultrasound can improve care
By Bob Sullivan, EMS1 Contributor
How using capnography and ultrasound with a physical exam can improve diagnosis and treatment of tension pneumothorax.
Critical diagnosis 
The never-ending shift
A comic for EMS, drawing off the real experiences of EMS.
Read the comic 
National EMS Bike Ride 2016
Your Worst Day: An EMS Tribute
How Do You Determine Which Technology, Laptop or Tablet, Best Meets Your Needs?
Download the Panasonic whitepaper today. This whitepaper will take a close look at the usage modes of the fully rugged detachable Panasonic Toughbook 20 laptop, along with examples of different tasks EMS workers may encounter on the job.
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823U.S. House of Representatives pass Veteran EMT Support Act
808La. bill makes targeting of EMS, firefighters a hate crime
500'We Remember Night' to honor fire, EMS personnel who died by suicide
48315 awesome EMS tattoos
2845 reasons you should NOT become an EMT
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