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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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EMT continues journey to shed 400 pounds
T-shirt sales to benefit EMT hurt in fatal wreck
Firefighters, paramedics respond to 'Running Man Challenge'
Paramedic scammed firefighters by lying about cancer: The medic asked police officers and firefighters on multiple occasions for money
Chicago Fire Department strips paramedics of PPE: The fire department said paramedics aren't sent into areas where they need it; union officials disagree
Mass. ambulance service buys ballistic vests, helmets: The new gear will protect EMS providers when they are in the field
Long hospital wait times delaying Fla. paramedics
Wyo. town votes to end ambulance service, cites staff shortage
Former Fla. fire department medical director dies from ALS
Paramedic accused of stealing patient's debit card fired
St. Louis paramedic awarded $50K for racial discrimination suit
Colleagues mourning sudden death of Ill. paramedic
To err is human, but hiding a prehospital patient care error is wrong
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Contributor
Prehospital patient care errors can and do happen.
Real issues 
How to know when firefighters hit the wall
By Bruce Evans, EMS1 Contributor
A lactate meter will tell when firefighters are at the point of exhaustion or extreme dehydration
Know the difference 
EMS1 Academy: Online Training Your Personnel Will Want to Take 
Use this Medic Monthly course as part of an online training program for your EMS agency.
Doty Belt Patient Handling Kit Limited time offer: $100 OFF until June 1, 2016!
More Featured Deals
Ambulance contracts begin to measure what matters
By Jay Fitch, EMS1 Contributor
RFPs and contracts for local ambulance services will require organizations to measure and report more than simply response time.
Key factors 
3 ways chiefs and medics can mitigate violence
By Rob Wylie, EMS1 Contributor
EMS personnel and firefighters are attacked with increasing frequency; follow these steps to shift the survival odds in your favor.
Protect yourself 
Remember Two Things: Stroke mimics
Several conditions - hypoglycemia and seizures - mimic or look like stroke. Here's what to look for.
Watch the video 
Stroke assessment and treatment training for EMTs and paramedics
Assessment and treatment approach for syncope
677Ambulance boxed in by motorists, boy almost dies
37510 helpful stethoscope tips for EMTs, paramedics and students
225EMS Artwork: Fire/EMS support for Fort McMurray evacuees
194Colleagues mourning sudden death of Ill. paramedic
143Code Green Campaign board member nominated for award
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