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Monday, May 2, 2016

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May 2, 2016|View as webpage
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Fire chief: Remove 'lewd and horrible' posts about paramedic
Grieving mother questions 911 response
Boy, 10, becomes paramedic for a day
Paramedics want law to protect them from 'frivolous' lawsuits: The "public duty rule" provides responders broad immunity from lawsuits stemming from their on-the-job actions
EMS response time questioned in death of shooting victim: Crews had to wait for police to arrive and determine the scene safe at the domestic shooting
Intoxicated teen assaults Md. ambulance crew: The teenager grabbed one of the female paramedics by her uniform and punched her
Colo. ambulance hits pedestrian
Boston EMS budget includes new ambulances, staff
Lawmakers: Police officers ill-equipped for overdoses
Ohio responders get lesson in American Sign Language
Teen dies after taking gun 'selfie'
Dash cam: Cop stages fake traffic stop to propose to paramedic girlfriend
Better Intubation with the C-MAC® Pocket Monitor
KARL STORZ offers the portable C-MAC® Pocket Monitor which has virtually no learning curve due to its use of standard Macintosh and Miller blades for adults through neonates.
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How carbon monoxide exposure kills firefighters
By Bruce Evans, EMS1 Contributor
Understanding how carbon monoxide attacks the body is the first step in protecting against it.
Safe limits 
What is the appropriate discipline for driving 17 mph above the speed limit?
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
An ambulance crew is suspended without pay after a news crew plays highway "gotcha."
Punishable offense? 
Zico's New Z-Shlammer Tool Combines Power and Utility
500lb Patient Calls Big Lake Texas EMS Over 30 Times for Lift Assistance
More Product News
Buy n' Try Demo Program 50% Off from Fujitsu
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When overdoses go wild: Protecting the EMS provider
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Learn how to anticipate, recognize, and manage violent patient encounters to minimize danger to yourself and the patient.
Emotion and behavior 
Capnography in the patient with severe neurological injury
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
Use ETCO2 monitoring to avoid inappropriate hyperventilation, recognize abnormal respiratory patterns and guide care.
Monro-Kellie doctrine 
Top 5 EMS videos of April 2016
Among this month's clips were 12-lead ECG interpretation tips and a demonstration on how to assist with childbirth.
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Ambulance speed during transport
The science of CPR
357Colleagues save Tenn. EMT in cardiac arrest
306Man who stabbed firefighters on EMS call gets 23 years
254What it takes to be an EMT
220Ambulance crew caught speeding, 2 EMS employees suspended
154Prehospital Ultrasound: Emerging technology for EMS
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