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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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$20K reward offered for driver that killed EMT student
Paramedics save patient stuck in mud after car crash
SC firefighter-paramedic mistakenly drafted into NFL
25 states now allow public access to epinephrine: The law will help reduce the time it takes to get the critical medication to a person having an anaphylactic reaction
Study: Medical errors third leading cause of death in U.S.: At least 250,000 deaths each year can be attributed to medical care that has gone awry
Fire departments argue over ambulance response to fatal fire:Chief John Dunham said crews called "two or three times" for an ambulance at the scene of a house fire, but it took 20 minutes for one to arrive
San Diego vows to fix 911 system, staffing issues
Fla. EMS tests new way to detect sepsis
NC ambulances affected in airbag recall
Official: Getting high on Imodium dangerous, growing in popularity
2 arrested for assaulting Cal Fire captain, damaging ambulance
Off-duty medic saves man's life on bus
It's All About the Breath: Respiratory Status and Capnography
View this free, on-demand webinar on assisting a patient in respiratory distress.
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Should public employee status shield EMS against lawsuits?
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Reinstating the Illinois Public Duty law may be warranted, but not because of the case that led to it being abolished.
Real issues 
EMS guide to 'Star Wars': 8 injuries and how to treat them
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
A father and son realize their destiny is assessing and treating blaster and lightsaber wounds in a galaxy far, far away.
The Road to Demers - The Florissant Valley Story
Discover how Florissant Valley Fire Protection District decided to purchase Demers ambulances.
Doty Belt Patient Handling Kit Limited time offer: $100 OFF until June 1, 2016!
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5 questions you should ask about your mobile devices
By Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, EMS1 Columnists
Securing data in an EMS environment is critical to avoiding breaches of patient information and triggering mandatory reporting.
Stay protected 
CMS issues 60-day repayment rule for Medicare overpayments
By Kevin Fairlie, EMS1 Contributor
The rule mandates that health care providers return overpayments or face Federal False Claims Act liability.
The final rule 
Improving stroke recognition and response by EMS providers
This episode of Remember Two Things reviews the importance of using the Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale to identify stroke.
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Doc Vader vs. hospital administrator
EMS joins running man challenge
80715 habits paramedics canĂ¢€™t shake
36310-year-old becomes paramedic for a day
298Capnography in the patient with severe neurological injury
218Dash cam: Cop stages fake traffic stop to propose to paramedic girlfriend
203Inside EMS Podcast: Should EMS providers be armed with less-lethal tools?
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