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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CBS News- Presidential Primary Races

Could Bernie pull off the political upset of the century? Stream live coverage on any device NOW.  

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The nomination may be all but sewed up on the Republican side, but the Sanders campaign is still hoping to pull off a miracle amongst Democrats. Delegate math aside, Bernie's got the momentum. Fresh off stunning upsets in Indiana, Delaware and Wisconsin, the scrappy Senator from Vermont is energizing voters tired of the Washington establishment. And Clinton's gaffe about putting coal miners out of work might offer just the opening Sanders needs to snatch yet another state from the Democratic frontrunner. 

Be there as the votes are cast with CBSN's LIVE coverage and analysis, streaming free on your desktop, mobile, and streaming devices.

You can also follow along as CBS News' Election Center charts up-to-the-minute results and rankings.
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