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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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Austria may soon join Europe for a winter coffee outside
Glacis Beisl
Vienna cafe goers could soon enjoy their ‘Melange’ in the fresh air all year round if new rules are adopted this month allowing customers to sit on tables on the pavements in winter. 
Austrian beauty spot at risk from urinating tourists
The Grüner See -- known as Austria's most beautiful spot -- is at risk of losing the clear emerald-green waters that gave it its name due to warmer weather coupled with years of tourists urinating in the lake. 
Austrian climber survives 800 metre mountain fall
The Hoher Sonnblick mountain. Photo: Hapi74/Wikimedia
A climber survives a 800 metre fall off a mountain in Austria, in what rescue services describe as a 'miracle'. 
Op ed
Is Austria turning blue?
Norbert Hofer, the leading presidential candidate for Austria. Photo: Freedom Party
When Austria holds elections – especially presidential ones – coverage hardly makes it into the German news. However, this time, the story was slightly different. Political analyst Dr. Gustav Gressel explains the Austrian political landscape. 
Opinion - Brexit
British expats: have your say in this historic decision
British Europe Minister, David Lidington, says Brits should register to vote. Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Many Brits abroad have the right to vote on Britain's future in the EU. They should use it, David Lidington, British Europe Minister, writes for The Local. 
    Who will be Austria's new Chancellor?
    Creative Commons
    Austria's centre-left party begins the search today for a new leader and new direction after a sharp drop in support that forced Chancellor Werner Faymann to quit. 
    Austrian chancellor steps down after election drubbing
    Werner Faymann. Photo: SPOe
    Austria's Chancellor Werner Faymann is stepping down and will also resign as head of the Social Democrats.  
    Austrians urged to fight right-wing extremism
    Vienna's Heldenplatz lit up for the Festival of Joy. Photo: Fest der Freude 
    Austrians are urged to fight right-wing extremism, as events take place to mark the end of WWII.  
    Empty suitcases outside minister's home spark terror alarm
    Sebastian Kurz. File photo: BMEIA
    Bomb disposal experts called to the home of Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz to investigate two mystery suitcases left outside. 
    Police APC protects right-wing vigil for murder victim
    A police APC in Ottakring. Photo: ORF
    Police drive armoured vehicles (APCs) on the streets of Vienna after members of a far-right group hold a ‘vigil’ for a woman who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant and clash with left-wing activists. 
    Integrate refugees with help, not pity
    Participants attend a German language course of the 'Fluechtlingsprojekt Ute Bock' (Refugees project Ute Bock) in Vienna. Photo: EPA/CHRISTIAN BRUNA
    In the Austrian village of Gutau, inhabitants have set up a microcredit system to help refugees rent houses and start businesses. 
    Photo Gallery
    A visit to the Schloss Hof Easter Market
    Photo: Jerry Barton
    Amateur shutterbug Jerry Barton visited one of Austria's traditional Easter markets at Schloss Hof. 
    Strong men in the 19th century Prater
    Photo: Wien Museum
    A new exhibition at Wien Museum is showcasing photos from Vienna's famous Prater fairground since 1766. 
    Ginger Churchill heads to hell in Nazi mural
    Would you believe that Winston Churchill makes an appearance on a church mural done by a Nazi artist in Austria, heading to hell with a sack of gold? 
    The film project about what makes us human
    Photo: Linda Coussement
    Linda Coussement is a woman on a mission to film people’s personal stories as she slowly travels the globe - with the aim of spreading a message of empathy and connectedness. After spending a month in Vienna she is now en route to Budapest. She spoke to The Local about her project.  
    More news
    Nigerian corruption detention struck down
    President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria. Photo: Wikimedia
    A Nigerian court has fined the country's anti-graft agency $50,000 over the unlawful detention of an Austrian security consultant accused of money laundering, a statement said on Sunday. 
    Hundreds protest again at Brenner Pass checks
    Brenner Pass. Photo: Arnulf zu Linden/Wikimedia
    Several hundred young protesters clashed with Italian anti-riot police Saturday near the Austrian-Italian border during a demonstration against Vienna's proposed anti-migrant measures. 
    Italy-Austria border controls 'political catastrophe'
    Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano (R) meets his Austrian counterpart Wolfgang Sobotka last month. Photo: AFP
    Austria imposing controls on its border with Italy would be a "political catastrophe" for Europe, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Saturday. 
    Immigration issues shape election battle
    Hofer (r) with FPÖ party leader H.C. Strache. Photo: Hofer Instagram
    A Kenyan man was remanded in custody in Austria Friday for an alleged murder that has stoked an already ugly presidential election campaign dominated by the issue of immigration. 
    Turning a red city blue
    Paul Stadler. Photo: ORF Screencap
    The district of Simmering is archetypal "Red Vienna", its imposing council housing blocks, named after workers' heroes of the past, testament to almost a century of state largesse under the left. 
    From our other editions
    Swiss banker resold cheap HIV drugs meant for Africa
    A South African woman is tested for HIV by an health worker working with Doctors withour borders (MSF) at a mobile clinic. File photo: AFP
    A former Swiss banker illegal earned over €1 million by selling HIV medication meant for poor people in southern Africa to customers in Europe, authorities say. 
    EU won't sacrifice food safety for US trade deal: Germany
    Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt. Photo: DPA
    The EU won't sacrifice its high food safety standards for better US auto market access in a transatlantic trade deal being negotiated, a German minister said Friday. 
    Danish school bars Muslim students from wearing niqab
    The school said that the learning process was disrupted by the niqab. Photo: Iris/Scanpix
    School largely cheered for its decision to not allow face-covering veils.  
    Students at Spanish college forced to take exorcism class
    Father José Antonio Fortea Cucurull, who is leading the seminar on exorcism. Photo: Public domain/Wikimedia Commons.
    The lecture includes such topics as "the devil, exorcisms, being possessed and hell".