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Sunday, May 22, 2016

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Austrian election too close to call
Photo: Paul Gillingwater
In a surprise result, it appears that the Austrian presidential runoff on Sunday is effectively a dead heat, with more than 90% of the vote tallied--until postal votes are counted by Monday. 
Three die in gun rampage in western Austria
ORF screengrab
Three people have died after a gunman open fired on a crowd at a concert in western Austria and then turned the gun on himself. 
    Austrian dairy startup pays back investors with cheese
    An artist's sketch of the dairy. 
    If you love cheese you might want to think about investing in a small Austrian company called Kaslab'n Nockberge - it pays back interest in the form of cheese.  
    Austrian police storm wrong apartment
    Not who you want to see breaking down your door... Photo:
    Austrian special forces police broke down the door of the wrong apartment in Klagenfurt after a confused victim of domestic violence mistook left for right. 
    Tick warning for Austria after mild winter
    Ticks have eight legs. Photo: Wikimedia
    Medical experts are warning that this year ticks are particularly active in Austria, due to the winter having been the second warmest on record.  
    A gift for Euroskeptics?
    A choice between green and blue at the ballot. Photo: Monusco Photos/Wikimedia
    Austria's presidential runoff, which could see a far-right candidate grab power this Sunday, is a test for the European Union as it battles the rise of eurosceptic and populist parties across the continent. 13 comments
    Austrians choose between Blue and Green this weekend
    Photo: Van der Bellen presidential campaign home page
    All eyes will be on Austria this weekend when it could become the first European Union member to install a far-right president, as the influence of populist parties spreads across the bloc. 10 comments
    Desperate wife laced husband's coffee with rat poison
    Photo: Coffeecupgals/Wikimedia
    A 67-year-old woman from Styria tried to murder her dementia-suffering husband by lacing his coffee with rat poison.  
    Summer weather for Austria's presidential runoff vote
    Vienna's Volksgarten. File photo: Negina Pirzad
    Summer weather will make a brief appearance in Austria this Sunday - in time for the runoff of the presidential election - which sees the far-right Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer up against the Green-backed candidate Alexander van der Bellen. 
    Foreigners 'finance Austria's pension system'
    Photo: Wikimedia
    Foreigners living in Austria who pay social security contributions are propping up the pension system, and paying more in than they get back in terms of healthcare and benefits.  
    Integrate refugees with help, not pity
    Participants attend a German language course of the 'Fluechtlingsprojekt Ute Bock' (Refugees project Ute Bock) in Vienna. Photo: EPA/CHRISTIAN BRUNA
    In the Austrian village of Gutau, inhabitants have set up a microcredit system to help refugees rent houses and start businesses. 
    Photo Gallery
    A visit to the Schloss Hof Easter Market
    Photo: Jerry Barton
    Amateur shutterbug Jerry Barton visited one of Austria's traditional Easter markets at Schloss Hof. 
    Strong men in the 19th century Prater
    Photo: Wien Museum
    A new exhibition at Wien Museum is showcasing photos from Vienna's famous Prater fairground since 1766. 
    Ginger Churchill heads to hell in Nazi mural
    Would you believe that Winston Churchill makes an appearance on a church mural done by a Nazi artist in Austria, heading to hell with a sack of gold? 2 comments
    The film project about what makes us human
    Photo: Linda Coussement
    Linda Coussement is a woman on a mission to film people’s personal stories as she slowly travels the globe - with the aim of spreading a message of empathy and connectedness. After spending a month in Vienna she is now en route to Budapest. She spoke to The Local about her project.  2 comments
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    Britain's Future in Europe
    Brits: Why vote away your right to move in Europe?
    The last view of Britain: the White Cliffs of Dover from a ferry. Photo: Luctor/WikimediaCommons
    The right to move around Europe is an incredible privilege. Brits about to vote in their referendum should know that this right is at risk, says The Local's Managing Editor James Savage. 
    Agreement reached on failed bank bailout
    Hypo Group Alpe Adria headquarters. Photo: HGAA Website
    Austrian Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling said Wednesday an agreement in principle had been reached with the stricken Hypo bank's creditors that had threatened to bankrupt the state of Carinthia. 
    Pirate herons raid fish from Vienna Zoo
    Tiergarten Schönbrunn/CEN
    Zookeepers of the world's oldest zoo have got a few extra mouths to feed after a colony of pelicans found themselves being regularly raided by a pair of grey herons. 
    Where to watch UEFA Euro 2016 in Vienna
    Strandbar Hermann
    Some of the best spots in Vienna to watch the football this summer. 
    Thief tries to mug police officer by mistake
    Wiener Linien/ Johannes Zinner 
    An unlucky thief chose the wrong person to mug when he tried to steal a wallet from the pocket of an off-duty policeman in a carriage on the Vienna underground. 10 comments
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    Swiss court vetoes wedding of couple with 50-year age gap
    File photo: Abhishek Jacob
    The 71-year-old Swiss great-grandmother and her 21-year-old Tunisian fiancé had their marriage application refused. 
    Sexual assaults reported at Berlin street festival
    File photo of the carnival parade. Photo: Soeren Stache/DPA
    Women were "surrounded, harrassed and grabbed" at the city's celebration. 
    Green card holders tell Denmark to keep its promise
    Green card holders say that Denmark is breaking its promise by threatening to scrap the scheme altogether. Photo: Mazhar Hashmi 
    With parliament threatening to scrap the controversial green card scheme, current green card holders are trying to convince MPs to reverse course. 
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