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Friday, May 13, 2016

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Austria backs down on Brenner Pass border checks
Brenner Pass. Photo: Arnulf zu Linden/Wikimedia
Austria said Friday it would no longer seek to resume controversial checks on its frontier with Italy after tougher measures by Rome have led to a huge drop in migrant numbers. 
    Christian Kern: no more normal service
    Christian Kern, standing behind former chancellor Werner Faymann. Photo: Facebook/Vita Jugend
    Christian Kern, set to be Austria's new chancellor, fixed the national rail company. Now he has to get the government and his party back on track -- and put the brakes on the far-right. 
    Rail boss Kern chosen as Austria's new chancellor
    New chancellor Christian Kern (SPÖ). Photo: ÖBB/Sabine Hauswirth
    Austria's Social Democrats have decided to appoint national railways boss Christian Kern as the country's chancellor following Werner Faymann's resignation, the interim head of the party said on Friday. 
    Mum hides 1.5kg of cocaine under baby
    LPD Wien
    A mother suspected of hiding 1.5 kilograms of cocaine under her four-week-old baby in a pushchair was arrested in Vienna on Thursday following a tip off to police. 
    Poisonous viper bites six-year-old in Austria
    Common European viper. Photo: Benny Trapp/Wikimedia
    A seven year old boy was rushed to hospital on Thursday after being bitten by a poisonous snake in Austria. 
    EU likely to 'divorce' UK if Brexit happens
    Rainer Hable (left). Liberal Democrats in Austria
    There would be no option of the UK getting access to the EU's common market if they voted to leave in the EU referendum, an Austrian politician suggested last night. 
    Austria's disputed asylum law passes final political hurdle
    NGO Caritas provides support to asylum seekers. Photo: Caritas
    Austria’s controversial asylum law that allows the government to turn away most asylum seekers at the border in emergency circumstances has passed the final hurdle in the parliamentary system.  
    Europe's biggest vegan festival back in Vienna
    Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich
    The biggest vegan festival in Europe is back in Vienna in May, with four days of stalls promoting vegan food, fashion and cosmetic products. 
    Brexit vote
    Brits: don't let bumbling councils steal your vote
    A pro-EU campaigner hands out leaflets in London. Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP
    If you're a Brit anxious to have your say in the EU referendum, don't let bumbling bureaucrats deprive you of your rights, says Laura Shields. 
      Rail boss Kern looks set to be new Austrian chancellor
      ÖBB Sabine Hauswirth
      Signs grew Thursday that Austria's Social Democrats (SPÖ) will pick as chancellor the head of the national rail company, Christian Kern, following Werner Faymann's resignation.  
      Integrate refugees with help, not pity
      Participants attend a German language course of the 'Fluechtlingsprojekt Ute Bock' (Refugees project Ute Bock) in Vienna. Photo: EPA/CHRISTIAN BRUNA
      In the Austrian village of Gutau, inhabitants have set up a microcredit system to help refugees rent houses and start businesses. 
      Photo Gallery
      A visit to the Schloss Hof Easter Market
      Photo: Jerry Barton
      Amateur shutterbug Jerry Barton visited one of Austria's traditional Easter markets at Schloss Hof. 
      Strong men in the 19th century Prater
      Photo: Wien Museum
      A new exhibition at Wien Museum is showcasing photos from Vienna's famous Prater fairground since 1766. 
      Ginger Churchill heads to hell in Nazi mural
      Would you believe that Winston Churchill makes an appearance on a church mural done by a Nazi artist in Austria, heading to hell with a sack of gold? 
      The film project about what makes us human
      Photo: Linda Coussement
      Linda Coussement is a woman on a mission to film people’s personal stories as she slowly travels the globe - with the aim of spreading a message of empathy and connectedness. After spending a month in Vienna she is now en route to Budapest. She spoke to The Local about her project.  
      More news
      ‘Ice cream’ killer begins publishing internship
      edition a./youtube screengrab
      The ‘ice cream’ killer jailed in Austria for murdering two lovers and storing their body parts in the cellar of her ice cream shop is to start an internship. 
      Historic Austrian palace roof goes up in flames
      Youtube screengrab/Oberösterreichische Nachrichten
      The top floor of a palace in Austria that once belonged to the Habsburg family has been destroyed in a fire started by a discarded cigarette.  
      Job: leader needed for 'medium size' country
      Have you got a good poker face? Can you network at a buffet table? If yes, a new job has come up in Austria that might be right up your street. 
      Austria struggles to improve gender equality at work
      Facebook/Weiterbildung in Wien (waff)
      Austria is one of the worst performing countries in the OECD when it comes to equality for women in the workplace according to figures released last week.  
      Klepto Leicester supporter nabbed by airport police
      Flughafen Wien AG
      A hairdresser from Leicester who stole from duty free shops in Vienna airport to pay for flights to visit his girlfriend in Austria is now facing charges after he was caught by police. 
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      EU won't sacrifice food safety for US trade deal: Germany
      Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt. Photo: DPA
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