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Photographer William Henry Jackson posed 14 men, including expedition leader Ferdinand Hayden, around a table in a field with the backdrop of Wyoming’s Red Buttes in 1870. Jackson worked without salary, but photographs like this one led Hayden to hire him, starting with the next year’s expedition to Yellowstone; Jackson’s pictures would help convince Congress to protect the area as a national park.
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Christopher Kilbride
Christopher Kilbride I really enjoy these pictures. There is always so much more beyond the caption under the actual picture. I find these picture fascinating.
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Sue Chapman Butcher
Sue Chapman Butcher This picture shows what this country was. It was unspoiled and untamed. They are now our National Parks. Peope are trying to take our land away and it's natural resources. Cut our treed down and give gas and oil leases out. How anyone destroy this natural beauty.
A Hero’s Tale
Mark Lee Gardner’s poignantly succinct Rough Riders: Theodore Roosevelt, His Cowboy Regiment, and the Immortal Charge Up San Juan Hill...
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Timothy Peterson
Timothy Peterson Gardner is an excellent author.. I highly recommend his book "To Hell on a Fast Horse - The story of Billy the Kid". The audio book is also very good.
In the shown 1868 portrait of Texas Rangers James Thomas Bird and John J. Haynes, Haynes holds his dark Spanish-flavored hat with its low, flat crown and wide brim. Costume designer Broughton Ramsey suggested this style for the Lonesome Dove character Augustus McCrae.
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Johnny Bain
Johnny Bain Boys and their toys. Who has fired a '51 navy? Or .44, or, actually, a .451? I wore out several and no longer have the money to fix'm. No place left to shoot.
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Galeyville Outlaw Eating Etiquette
Legendary outlaw Curly Bill Brocius had a perverse sense of humor. He once broke into a dance on the San Pedro and at gunpoint forced everyone to strip...
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Frank Hall
Frank Hall Years ago I heard this story, no idea if it is true or not. A cowboy's sister came out west to visit her brother. Needless to say the rest of the cowboys here not thrilled to have a lady with them. When it came time for dinner she notices that the tin ...See More
Jerry Laird
Jerry Laird Imagin Curly Bill, nowadays. People would want to picket him for being a bully, but would be afraid to.
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The Loss of a National Treasure
Remembering Joe Medicine Crow
Dr. Joe Medicine Crow died on Sunday in Montana. He was an amazing man--a medicine man, a war chief, a leader, a WWII vet and hero, a teacher, a historian.