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Friday, April 8, 2016

The Angle

The Angle by Graphiq


PointAfter's Predictions for the 2016 MLB Season »

The Cubs have been starved of a World Series win for 108 years. The writers at PointAfter make their bold predictions for the 2016 MLB season that are sure to end up wrong in six months' time.


States Ranked by the Highest Number of Death Row Inmates »

Alabama has 196 inmates on death row, the third-highest count among states with capital punishment, according to an InsideGov analysis. See more data on how execution figures compare among the states with the death penalty.


The Price of a Date When You Were Born »

In 1950, two movie tickets cost $1. MooseRoots calculated how much it would have cost to purchase dinner and a movie for two in each year since 1940. 

More Graphiq-Driven Knowledge

Police, terror task force probe motive of heavily-armed gunman who killed trooper. See the vizualization of law enforcement fatalities each month since 2015. AOL.
Deer hunters face unwanted competition as feral hog explosion thins herds. See the vizualization for feral swine distribution over time. FOX News.
March Madness ended in dramatic fashion. UNC’s struggles in the paint hurt them in the title game, while Villanova’s outside shooting (including the game-winning buzzer-beater) was the catalyst for victory. You can see each team’s shot chart visualization on
The Angle by Graphiq
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