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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Angle

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The Angle by Graphiq


22 People, $43 Million: The People Doling Out the Dough for Pro-Clinton Super PACs »

George Soros has given $8 million to super PACs that back Hillary Clinton's presidential run. InsideGov examined the 22 people who have given at least $1 million to pro-Clinton super PACs.


Foods Most Likely to Cause Foodborne Illness »

Fifty-five people were infected with a strain of E.Coli last year, all stemming from Chipotle restaurants. HealthGrove crunched the numbers to identify the top 25 foods that are most commonly involved in foodborne illness outbreaks.


The Kobe Bryant Awards: The NBA's Biggest Ballhogs »

Ballhogs aren't always bad for their teams — Kobe Bryant taught us that much. Who is his heir apparent in the NBA? PointAfter created a Ballhog Index to find out.

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The Angle by Graphiq