"Awareness hurtful" had called the Böhmermann Poem Merkel. Now she regretted her words. More ...
The exhaust gas scandal - a debacle for the entire auto industryExhaust affair diesel cars
Almost all manufacturers have tricked the exhaust. Tens of thousands of diesel are being recalled, VW writes the greatest loss in history. But there is a bright spot. By Markus Balser, Thomas Fromm and Klaus Ott more ...
The diesel engine of the BMW M550d xDrive.Why BMW diesel are cleaner
The Federal Motor Transport Office confirmed that the diesel engines of BMW emit less nitrogen oxides than the competition. But why is that? By Thomas Harloff more ...
The Balkan Route is tight?Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that
In order not to end up in the fence Idomeni, every week hundreds of refugees from Bulgaria to Serbia beat through to Hungary. The green borders are open - but only for the strong report by Nadia Pantel, Belgrade more ....
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  • Doctors Without Borders
    Christoph Klein, director of the Hauner Children's Hospital in Munich, is considered an excellent scientists with a lot of ambition. Too much? For years, Klein has an experimental study pursued. Several children who he has treated are now dead.
  • "Suddenly we are naked because"
    The Berlin actress Nora Tschirner about her role in "Tatort" about internet trolls and the struggle to find common values ​​in an increasingly complicated world.
  • "I'm not doing it to be rich"
    Brad Hales operates a shop with rare plates in abandoned Detroit. A conversation about music treasures in abandoned houses and asked why his business model is a joke.
  • heads up
    Two years after the "Umbrella revolt" Hong Kong has changed. There govern fear and resignation. But not at all.Over a few Upright.
  • The Imaginary thickness
    If parents keep their child for overweight, it takes often even more so. Even if it is actually not too much weighs. One reason for the phenomenon could be counterproductive Essverbote.
London Mayor expressed disparagingly about Obama
In a newspaper article Boris Johnson suggested, because of his Kenyan roots of US President entertain an aversion to Britain. Behind this is something else. More ...
Queen Elizabeth II Windsor. CastleImages
Obama's visit to King
From USA with Love: The Obamas flying in the rainy English countryside to congratulate the Queen. It is not the first meeting between presidential and royal couple. More ...
This year, in the music diedPop Pop sorrow 2016
Only Lemmy, then Bowie and now even Prince. A great hero of Pop after the other occurs. The sad news: by this we will have to get used By Julian Dorrmore ....
Social Dashboard Software IBMImages
Big Brother is watching you
The insurance counts steps, employees are set by software pressured agents Shred NSU files. Winners of the Big Brother Awards for particularly poor privacy in Pictures More ...
HauptalmbegehungThe PR problem of CSU Women
Home Minister Markus Söder hoist flags, and glide over the water and are the Kini. His Cabinet colleagues on the other hand tend to remain in the background. Why is that? By Katja Auer more ...
Finnish postman to mow lawns for customers
Thus, the Finnish postal boredom of their staff will prevent. And incidentally earn more money. More ...
Reinheitsgebot Merkel"It is a basic need, badmouthing the beer on the government"
500th anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot, the Chancellor comes to Ingolstadt, cited Bismarck and maintains ever the süffigste speech -. While Bayern take everything too seriously by Andreas glass, Ingolstadt more ...
What drives Mats Hummels to Munich
Bayern Muenchen v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesligavideo
BVB player knows that a transfer to FC Bayern would be the greatest affront.Despite some indications that he is going. From Freddie Röckenhaus, Dortmundmore ...
collageWeinzierl and Hasenhüttl: Farewell whiz
In Augsburg and FC Ingolstadt Job changes are imminent. Both clubs hitting the hard - but they have different approaches in order to By Sebastian Fischer and Kathrin Steinbichler more ....
If parents created tyrants
They refuse academic achievement, suffering tantrums or have anything grudge: More and more children are behavioral problems, complains a young psychologist in her new book Interview by Ruth Schneeberger more ....
SZ magazine fashion column Florian SilbereisenFrightening fashionable folk music
Undershirt and sneakers with a suit - the folk music in the form of Florian Silbereisen has arrived in the middle of society. Shall we look forward about it? By Silke Wichert more ... SZ-Magazin
Shopping list, more entertaining than fictionSZ-Magazin
You are crumpled into cart, bike lanes and in the subway: lost shopping list.Our author collects them - touched by the little stories they tell of Florian Zinnecker more ... SZ-Magazin.