Since the attacks of September 11, new laws are constantly adopted. Now the Federal Constitutional Court clears up: With the judgment for BKA law it builds protecting citizens from analyzing Heribert Prantl more ....
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    BKA-Gesetz: How do you rate the judgment of the Constitutional Court?
Competition method: Google threatens billions penalty from Brussels
The European Commission intensified competition proceedings against the US group: Abused Google's market power the smartphone operating system Android by Alexander Mühlauer, Brussels more ...
Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Holds New York Election Night Partyvideo
Clinton wins convincingly - and not convinced yet
The ex-foreign minister is virtually determined as a candidate of the Democrats. But she continued to be a problem: Many voters do not like Comment by Matthias Kolb, Washington more ....
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    Which voters will decide the US primaries?
now donald trump"Trump could happen with us"
After his victory in New York Germany talking again extensively about Donald Trump. Political scientist Winand Gellner explains why the billionaire at us so is a big issue Interview:. Friedemann Karig more ... now
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  • By Cannabis cure - and ruined
    If painkillers no longer help patients medical cannabis should be prescribed. The engineer Thorsten Hetfeld has thus made conflicting experiences.
  • Mini Dubai in the Balkans
    In Belgrade Investor from the Emirates is building a new district, the largest shopping mall in the Balkans. Serbian Government is of the windfall intoxicated, the inhabitants rather less.
  • "For years I was a commuter"
    Only the Cup semi-final against Dortmund, then the Bavaria: After years of ups and downs of manager Michael Preetz talks about the long road of Hertha towards football clubs.
  • As the ADAC fights against his Honorary President
    Otto Flimm tries to rebel against the targeted reform of the club. He threatened with a lawsuit and the prosecutor. The ADAC Bureau has broken with him.
  • "Waiver - which has never worked"
    Environmental policy must prevail in conjunction with business, not against it, says Winfried Kretschmann. The Greens should say goodbye to old certainties.
As the NATO-Russia relations can get a sense again
It's good that both sides talk to each other again. But NATO and Russia cut a deep trench contents. Comment by Daniel Brössler more ...
The headquarters of Mitsubishi Motors in TokyoMitsubishi has fined consumption tests
Affected are 625 000 small cars, including many cars from Nissan. The CEO has already admitted the tampering. More ...
Audi engineers are said to have invented VW-cheating software
In 1999 apparently deliberate Ingolstadt developers how they could circumvent strict NOx standards. Maybe one of them has brought the idea to VW. More ...
The case of Arturo Vidal
Janek Sternberg Werder right fouls Arturo Vidal Bayern in the penalty area there are penalty FC B; Vidalvideo
The Chilean takes off, gets a penalty out, thus ensuring the 2: 0 in the semifinals of the German Cup. Thomas Müller tries to save the fair play spirit of Bayern. From the stadium by Martin Schneider more ...
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    "It was a swallow. Pure Make I need him anyway"
Network show to Vidal: "He takes off Nothing stops him on the ground."
The Bayern player gets to his swallow from the malice of the upright fans.Reactions to flight AV23 the crested grebe. More ...
FC Bayern Muenchen v FC Schalke 04 - BundesligaBayern extended by Manuel Neuer
The goalkeeper signed a new contract until 2021. Bayern thus binds another service provider in the long term at the club. More ...
"Judeophobia conviction is stupidity"
Exhibition "instigated"Images
In the middle of the refugee debate recalls an exhibition in Berlin in mind that racist propaganda in public space tradition. Just as the protest. By Ruth Schneeberger, Berlin more ...
"Sorry that you are raped at the university"
A new campaign makes a shocking video on the many cases of sexual violence at American colleges attentive. More ...
jörnThey are outraged
What does it really mean when people say that they stand beside him? Photographer Markus Burke has looked into this feeling in a series of portraits. More ... now
ÜberLeben Desolate youth"My birth was irresponsible"
The youth of Hanna Frey is marked by violence, suffering and anxiety. A way she finds only when it is itself mother. More ... Series "ÜberLeben"
The wedding dress paid a Hollywood Studio
Grace KellyImages
In April 1956, married Prince Rainier III. Monaco, the actress Grace Kelly. On the 60th anniversary of the Princely House has released images of the tale. More ...