The police had arrested Mohamed Abrini on Friday in Brussels District Anderlecht. Now he has confessed to being the man who had accompanied the two suicide bombers at Zaventem Airport. He has sold thus the hat. More ...
The terror network from Paris and Brussels
Suspicious transfers and DNA evidence: Investigators find more and more links between the attacks of Brussels and Paris. An overview of the terrorist network that struck home in both cities. More ...
art panamaAs a looted by Nazis Painting in Panama Papers emerges
The image of Modigliani is until now hidden from its rightful owner - using an offshore account. But perhaps not for much longer. More ...
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  • Triumph of Satire
    Jan Böhmermann is after his "defamatory" Turkish President now a case for the district attorney. Satire still works.
  • "Hanks is a gift"
    Tom Tykwer has worked as a director currently playing with the world star. Of this he says - and why the Germans do now suddenly good series.
  • Back in the wilderness
    In Or Delta nature is left to itself again. And that does not necessarily blooming flower meadows with attractive animals.
  • Beautiful shame
    Once Bagnoli was the largest industrial plant in southern Italy, it eradicates now to himself. Premier Renzi wants modernization. But not all play with.
  • Always on the little ones
    As the country after the Panama Papers are named, together engaged to ward off the "perverse attack".
  • Song Title: Beethoven 9
    Classical lovers are not just a pioneer of digital progress. Nevertheless streaming provider discover just as customers.
  • The fish in the sky
    Hermann Koehl from Neu-Ulm flew the first pilot from east to west across the Atlantic. In New York celebrated, came the Nazi opponents in Germany soon forgotten.
In the shadow of the great diseases a new threat growswheat field
Never heard of TiLV, Ug99 or Phytophthora? These pathogens are at least as dangerous as Ebola and HIV, because they endanger the diet of the world. Comment by Hanno Charisius more ...
Whatsapp, SMS, Apple and emails in the security check
One billion Whatsapp users chat since last week encrypted. But how safe are other apps and services? By Morten Lucht man, Helmut Martin-Jung and Sara Weber more ...
This Facebook messages have SZ readers found in their hidden mailbox
There are three different inboxes Facebook messages. The problem: Hardly anyone knows the "filtered messages" From Simon Hurtz more ....
125518793Boxing: A sport in front of expiry
Arthur Abraham boxing again Manny Pacquiao last time - and their sport is mired in crisis.Impressions from a milieu that is fighting for long lost confidence. By Jürgen Schmieder and Benedict Warmbrunn more ...
Bayern enjoying the miller effectVfB Stuttgart v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga
The VfB Stuttgart puts Bayern in distress - but using substitute Thomas Müller manages a 3: 1 victory. Arturo Vidal gets a bad afternoon. Of Saskia Aleythemore ...
VfB Stuttgart v Bayern Munich - German BundesligaImages
Vidal exaggerates
The Chilean is this time too aggressive. Xabi Alonso is the warning voice. And Franck Ribery practicing for the dance in May. Bayern in. 3: 1against Stuttgart in the Ratings by Matthias Schmid, Stuttgart more ...
Werder Bremen - FC AugsburgBremen in crisis: It is narrow for Skripnik
Werder Bremen instantly responds to the relegation rank, the club and convene an emergency meeting. Trainer Skripnik says: "I do not even dismiss me!" By Stefan Rommel, Bremen more ...
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consultantBeing successful - so we did it!
Hardly has an athlete, manager or artist attained a certain notoriety, he is considered an expert for success. What use advice of celebrities in the job? From Nicola Holzapfelmore ...
Benedict WellsWho am I really?
Nothing is further from the author Benedict Wells as attention heischender ego-pomp. With his novel "The End of Solitude" he storms still watching the bestseller lists - rightly By Christian Mayer more ....
The best friends, worst enemiesfamily siblings
Siblings give each other nothing - not even if they are called Sasha and Malia Obama. About an ambivalent relationship. By Julia Rothhaas more ...