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Thursday, April 7, 2016

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Panama Papers
Heirs of dictator Franco named in tax haven leak
The Spanish dictator left a fortune to his family. Photo: AFP
Heirs of General Francisco Franco are the latest names to emerge in leaked documents. 
    Three-way coalition talks start as clock ticks for Spain
    Podemos will join talks with Ciudadanos and the PSOE. Photo: AFP
    For the first time, three parties will sit down around the negotiating table to try and unblock the political paralysis preventing the formation of a government in Spain. 
      Compulsive hoarder crushed to death under huge trash pile
      File photo of a hoarder's living room. Photo: Shadwwulf/Wikimedia Creative Commons.
      Police found the lifeless body of a 51-year-old man beneath piles of rubbish at his home in Galicia. 
        British four-year-old drowns in Spanish holiday pool
        The child drowned in the communal pool at the holiday complex. File Photo: Leo Hidalgo / Flickr
        The child tragically died on a family holiday in Torrevieja on Wednesday. 
          'Refugees welcome' in Spain: So where are they?
          A sign welcoming refugees hangs from the Madrid town hall. Photo: Pierre-Philippe Marcou / AFP
          Just 18 Syrian refugees have officially arrived in Spain under the EU relocation scheme. 
            Renewable energy giant given 7 months to restructure debt
            Abengoa owes €9.4 billion. Photo: AFP
            Abengoa owes a whopping €9.4 billion but hopes to trim it down by October. 
              Brrrrr! Spain shivered in coldest March in 12 years
              People walk on a road with heavy snowfall in March near ski resort Lunada in the northern province of Burgos. Photo: Cesar Manso/AFP.
              You weren't alone huddled under your blankets last month - this March was the coldest March in the past 12 years. 
                Panama Papers
                Spanish king's aunt admits she had company in Panama
                Pilar de Borbon with the young princesses at the abdication, June 2014. Photo: AFP
                Pilar de Borbon insists she always complied with Spanish law.  
                  Consulate reveals weirdest requests from Brits abroad
                  The FCO can't give advice on how to avoid nudists. File photo: Asaf Rotman / Flickr
                  "How do I avoid nudists?" and "where can I buy English bacon?" are just some of the weird questions Brits in Spain hope their Embassy can answer. 
                    Semana Santa
                    The essential guide to Easter in Spain
                    An Easter procession in Palma de Mallorca. Photo: AFP
                    As Spain gets set to celebrate its biggest religious festival of the year, The Local gives you the lowdown on how to celebrate Semana Santa like a Spaniard.  
                    Recipe: How to make Spain's delicious Easter dish Torrijas
                    Photo: Vincenzo Caico / Flickr
                    This scrumptious calorific treat is traditionally eaten in Spain over Easter.  
                    The ten commandments for expats living in Spain
                    Sometimes you just need to throw yourself into the local culture. Photo: AFP
                    Irish expat Carol Byrne outlines the ten golden rules you will need to follow to be a happy expat in Spain. 
                    Nine things to consider before moving to Spain
                    Photo: TonyMadridPhotography/Flickr 
                    Marianne Calvin, a relocation expert at Moving2Madrid, talks us through the top things to consider before taking the plunge and moving to Spain.  
                    Valentine's Day
                    Ten golden rules for snagging a Spanish man
                    Sally Fazakerley on navigating the perilous path to true love
                    Looking for your very own Don Juan? Then this is what you need to know. 
                    More news
                    Santander bank plans to slash up to 1,200 jobs across Spain
                    Photo: AFP
                    The Eurozone's biggest bank announced plans to cut the jobs in Spain on Wednesday.  
                    Gibraltar and Falklands team up over 'bullying' tactics
                    Photo: AFP
                    The two British Overseas Territories accuse Spain and Argentina of "ganging up" on them.  
                    Brit arrested for blowtorch attack on woman in Tenerife
                    The man attacked his victim with a blowtorch. Photo: Duncan C / Flickr
                    The woman was lucky to survive after being burnt in the face with a blowtorch and beaten with a rock. 
                    Fat man who crushed nativity donkey to death goes free
                    The 150kg man crushed the donkey by sitting on it. Photo: El Refugio del Burrito
                    The case against an overweight prankster who sat on a donkey foal "as a joke" and killed it has been thrown out of a Spanish court. 
                    Panama Papers
                    Almodóvar cancels new film junket amid tax fraud scrutiny
                    Pedro Almodóvar was named in the Panama Papers. Photo: AFP
                    Promotion of the Spanish director's new film 'Julieta' is called off as the Oscar winner faces scrutiny with 'Panama Papers'. 
                    From our other editions
                    'Germany should reinforce Austria-Italy border'
                    Police at demonstration on the Austrian-Italian border on Saturday. JAN HETFLEISCH /EPA
                    German Transport Minister says his country should back up Austrian police at the border with Italy. 
                    April Fool's Day
                    ‘Cheese test’ for foreigners to go to public vote
                    The exam would quiz foreigners on how to make a fondue. Photo: Pedro Cerqueira
                    Migrants to Switzerland could be forced to take an exam on Swiss cheeses if a popular initiative is approved in a referendum in June. 
                    German comedian could face jail for insulting Erdogan
                    Jan Böhmermann. Photo: DPA
                    Germany’s hippest young comedian faces a jail sentence of up to five years if Turkey decides to press charges over a poem he wrote insulting its head of state. 
                    April Fools' Day
                    Denmark banned from global ranking lists
                    International media will no longer be able to run a photo of Nyhavn atop every global ranking article. Photo: Colourbox
                    "Other countries should get a chance," the agency behind a long line of 'best of' lists said.  
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                    What's the best way for expats to transfer money abroad?
                    Benidorm's Sticky Vicky, 72, retires from sexy magic show
                    What's on in Spain: April 2016
                    Double amputee told to 'crawl' to Ryanair flight in Spain
                    Barcelona officially declares itself a 'veggie friendly' city 
                    Spain mulls 'no kill bullfights' in nod to animal rights
                    Report: Life in Spain is more miserable than Saudi Arabia
                    The ten commandments for expats living in Spain
                    Analysis & Opinion
                    'Gibraltar is passionately British - that's why we reject Brexit'
                    Recipe: How to make a classic Spanish tortilla de patatas
                    Woman judge asks rape victim if she 'tried closing her legs'
                    This is what happened when Spain restored an ancient castle
                    Why this Spaniard wants Britain to stay in the EU
                    What's on in Spain: March 2016
                    Top Ten: Great books about Spain
                    The insider's guide to the best wine bars in Barcelona
                    Couple arrested in Spain over graveyard 'voodoo' love ritual
                    Fart sparks shoot out between rival Spanish gypsy clans
                    Rajoy achieves in hometown what Hitler and Stalin didn't
                    Six reasons why Spain is failing on human rights
                    Have your say on Brexit: How to register to vote in EU referendum
                    Spanish police make Valentine joke. Internet gets very angry