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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Happy 90th Birthday
Queen Elizabeth II: Why she loves (and loathes) Spain
Photo: AFP
As Her Majesty gets ready to celebrate her 90th birthday The Local explores her, sometimes, turbulent relationship with Spain. 
    Two thirds of Spaniards want Britain to remain in EU
    Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP
    Some 67 percent of Spaniards insist the UK should remain within the EU. 
      'Imagine Madrid without gays' metro advert sparks row
      "Imagine Madrid without gays..." Photo: Rion Blake
      Madrid locals have been criticizing a poster in the city's metro which asks the public to imagine the city without gay people. 
        El Hierro, the Canary Island aiming for 100% clean energy
        Wind turbines on El Hierro. Photo: Desiree Martin / AFP
        The rugged Canary Island of El Hierro achieved its goal of producing all its energy using renewables on a day in February. 
          Almodóvar's latest to compete for top prize at Cannes
          Photo: AFP
          The Spanish film director's latest film Julieta will compete for the prestigious Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival.  
            Five bonkers ways Spain is commemorating Cervantes
            Spain has come up with some unusual ways to celebrate. Photo: Portrait by Juan de Jauregui y Aguilar/Wikimedia
            This April 23rd will mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Spain's greatest literary figure. So how does Spain choose to celebrate? 
              Report raises fears of Isis terror plot on Costa del Sol
              Could Spain's beaches be targeted this summer? Photo: Jorge Guerrero / AFP
              A report in a German newspaper warned that jihadists were planning attacks on beaches in Italy, Spain and France but they have been dismissed by Italian intelligence as "groundless". 
                San Sebastián to hold public vote over bullfighting ban
                Photo: AFP
                The city in Spain's Basque Country will ask its citizens if it should ban the practice. 
                  Spanish police free sex slaves forced to work 24 hours a day
                  File photo of a nightclub in Spain: Raymond Roig/AFP.
                  The Spanish National Police freed five Latin American women in Seville who were forced to work as prostitutes 24 hours a day. 
                    Spain to overshoot deficit target... for 8th year running
                    Luis de Guindos, Spain's acting Economy Minister announced the forecast. Photo: AFP
                    Spain has raised its public deficit target this year from 2.8 percent of GDP to 3.6 percent, meaning that for the eighth consecutive year will overshoot the limit demanded by Brussels. 
                      The Local List
                      Debunking the myth: How true are Spanish stereotypes?
                      Photo: Justyna Rawińska / Flickr
                      Spaniards are loud, lazy and love a nice long siesta... don't they?  
                      The Local List 
                      Nine incredibly  addictive television series from Spain
                      A still from Spanish TV series Velvet. Photo:
                      Spain might not be internationally known for its small screen action but that could be about to change. 
                      The Local list
                      Ten bizarre Spanish stories that are not April Fools' jokes
                      Screen grab: La Sexta 
                      These stories from Spain might all sound too strange to be true but actually are... 
                      Semana Santa
                      The essential guide to Easter in Spain
                      An Easter procession in Palma de Mallorca. Photo: AFP
                      As Spain gets set to celebrate its biggest religious festival of the year, The Local gives you the lowdown on how to celebrate Semana Santa like a Spaniard.  
                      Recipe: How to make Spain's delicious Easter dish Torrijas
                      Photo: Vincenzo Caico / Flickr
                      This scrumptious calorific treat is traditionally eaten in Spain over Easter.  
                      More news
                      Ten of the most epic bike rides in Spain
                      Photo: Stefan/Flickr
                      Today is International Bike Day and to celebrate The Local counts down some of the best bike rides Spain has to offer.  
                      Police arrest Isis recruiter who was planning attacks in Spain
                      Photo: AFP
                      The 26-year-old was arrested in Mallorca on Tuesday morning.  
                      Spain's CaixaBank launches takeover of Portugal's BPI
                      CEO Gonzalo Gortazar is confident of the takeover. Photo: Josep Lago
                      Spain's CaixaBank on Monday announced its second takeover bid in just over a year for the 56 percent of Portugal's fourth-biggest bank BPI that it does not already control. 
                      Podemos members rule out pact to form government
                      Pablo Iglesias asked party members what they thought of a coalition. Photo:Javier Solariano / AFP
                      Supporters of the leftist party overwhelmingly rejected Podemos entering a Socialist-led coalition government. 
                      Arms trafficker held in Malaga to be extradited to France
                      Antoine Denevi is wanted for arms and munitions trafficking and may have supplied the attacker of a Jewish supermarket in Paris. 
                      From our other editions
                      Chinese continue to appropriate Austrian culture
                      The one and only original, not the copy. Photo: Nick Csakany/Wikimedia/Public Domain
                      Chinese copycats who reproduced a picture-postcard Austrian town are now planning on copying two other Austrian cities, and combining them into one. 
                      'Love-making couch' unveiled at Geneva inventions show
                      The 'Desire' couch is adjustable for maximum comfort. Photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
                      A capsule-like sofa designed for intimate encounters is among the centrepieces at this year's Geneva inventions show. 
                      Mass surveillance
                      German spies imply Snowden leaked files for Russia
                      Edward Snowden pictured appearing by video link at the CeBIT technology conference in Hanover in March 2015. Photo: DPA
                      NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden could have been acting under the influence of the Russian government, the heads of Germany's foreign and domestic intelligence agencies said on Friday. 
                      US leaders to Copenhagen for bicycling inspiration
                      Secretary Foxx will visit Copenhagen to gather insights. Photo: Heb
                      The US Secretary of Transportation will visit Denmark on Monday to gather insight on the capital's successful bicycle culture. 
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                      Spain mulls 'no kill bullfights' in nod to animal rights
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                      'Gibraltar is passionately British - that's why we reject Brexit'
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