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Friday, April 22, 2016

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Shakespeare and Italy: A literary love affair
Tuscany (photo: Public domain/Flickr) and Shakespeare (Wikimedia Commons). But did he ever set foot in Italy?
To mark 400 years since William Shakespeare's death, we look back at the Bard's particular fondness for Italy. 
Happy 70th Vespa! The history behind Italy's famous scooter
Italy's famous Vespa turns 70 on Saturday. Photo: Michael Pollak/Flickr
Invented by the Piaggio company, the world's most famous scooter turns 70 on Saturday. 
My Italian career
How I went from teaching in Italy to working for the UN
Jonathan Moody's Italian odyssey has taken him from TEFL teacher to UN worker. Photo: Gen Lavoie Mathieu
Jonathan Moody came to Rome as an English teacher but now works for the UN.  
    Racist Inter Milan fans force partial stadium ban
    Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly has been subjected to monkey chants. Photo: Carlo Hermann/AFP
    Senegal defender Kalidou Koulibaly has been subjected to monkey chants. 
      The Local list
      Bizarre Italian food rules foreigners fall foul of
      Parmesan on seafood pasta? Sacrilege! Photo: Ben Sutherland/Flickr
      Yes, Italian food is delicious. But before you dine out with Italians, you need to know some rules. 
        Italian footballer banned over sexist insults on Facebook
        The footballer made the sexist insults on Facebook. File photo: Ted Aljibe/AFP
        He told a female referee to "stay at home and iron". 
          Survey: Could Brits in Europe put the brakes on Brexit?
          Britain’s upcoming referendum on whether to remain in the EU will have a huge effect on the two million Brits living in Europe. Photo: Leon Neal/AFP
          The Local surveyed 2710 people across Europe to find out what expats are thinking about the upcoming Brexit vote. 
            Italian teen killed by train while crossing tracks
            An Italian teen was killed on Wednesday by a high-speed train in Milan.Photo: Manuel Paa/Wikimedia
            The 19-year-old, a student and aspiring model, was struck by the train in Milan. 
              Italy dissolves northern town council infiltrated by mafia
              The council of Brescello was dissolved over mafia concerns on Wednesday. Photo: Friedrich Strasse/Wikimedia
              It is the first time a northern council has been broken up over mafia concerns. 
              Rome transport staff pull sickie after four-hour strike
              Rome metro's B line would be most affected by the absenteesim, Atac said. Photo: Matthew Black
                The Local list
                The strange history behind five everyday Italian words
                Photo: Tim Green
                We bet you've said at least one of these words today - but did you know what it actually means? 
                What's on
                Ten wonderful things to do in Italy in April
                Historical re-enactments will be staged to celebrate Rome's brithday later this month. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
                Stuck for things to do in Italy this month? Then look no further... 
                Is Italy ready for the next wave of migrants?
                File photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP
                The "crossing season" for migrant boats from Libya to Italy has not yet begun, yet arrivals are already up on last year's count, raising questions about where the new wave of tens of thousands will be housed. 
                My Italian life
                How a few days in Capri changed this Australian’s life
                Gianluca and Holly with their son, Valentino.
                "I never imagined living anywhere beyond Australia." 
                How Florence is coping with its 'foreign' food clamp down
                All new restaurants and food shops in Florence's historic centre must now ensure that at least 70 percent of their produce is local. Photo: Frank Kovalchek
                “Sometimes, I like to eat sushi.” 
                More news
                Another popular Florence art museum is infested with ticks
                Florence's Museo Novecento is also infested with ticks. Photo: Sailko/Wikimedia
                Authorities in the tourism hub must be getting mightily ticked-off. 
                Refugee crisis
                Italy to deploy 300 officers at Austria border protest
                People march through Vienna during the 'Refugees Welcome! NO to Fortress Europe!' rally in March. Photo: Joe Klamar/AFP
                The pro-refugee demonstration comes as tensions mount between Italy and Austria over border controls. 
                Italy's 5,000-year-old 'iceman' brought to life by 3D printer
                Oetzi, Italy's 5,000-year-old iceman, has been recontructed using a 3D printer. Photo: Andreas Solaro/AFP
                Oetzi was found preserved in Alpine ice by hikers in 1991. 
                Italian boss gives staff €200k of bonuses to celebrate 80th
                An Italian boss gave his workers €200k in bonuses to celebrate his 80th birthday. Photo: Amythenurse/flickr
                All 200 workers will receive a bonus of between €800 and €1200 in next month's pay packet. 
                Refugee crisis
                UN fears up to 500 dead in recent migrant shipwreck
                The UN fears up to 500 people have died during a boat disaster in the Mediterranean. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
                The tragedy comes a year after more than 700 migrants died off the coast of Sicily. 
                From our other editions
                3D print of Oetzi the Ice Man revealed
                One of three replicas of Oetzi the Iceman created for teaching purposes by Gary Staab, from resin and mixed media. Photo:
                Scientists presented Wednesday a life-sized copy, made using a 3D printer, of Oetzi the mummified 5,000-year-old "iceman" found in the Alps 25 years ago. 
                Refugee crisis
                Swiss army ready to act in worst case migrant scenario
                File photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
                Switzerland has said it is ready to mobilize up to 2,000 soldiers should migrants continue to arrive into the country. 
                Police calm hipster frenzy at Berlin vegan restaurant
                Wouldn't you stand outside in the cold for hours for a cup of revitalising green gunk? Photo: DPA
                Has hipster gentrification gone too far in Berlin? As police battle hordes of trend-seekers hungry for vegan snacks, the question has to be asked. 
                US Army captain foils Denmark school attack
                Danish Chief of Defence Peter Bartram (left) presented Captain Bradley Grimm (centre) with a Danish Defense Medal. Also present was US Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford (right). Photo: Sune Wadskjær
                American who "likely saved the lives of Danish citizens" was honoured with a Danish Defense Medal. 
                Ten weird things that shock Spaniards about the UK
                Queuing is a British pastime that is mystifying to Spaniards. Photo: Garry Knight/Flickr
                The UK is one of the most popular destinations for Spaniards who move abroad, but there are some things about their new home that are just impossible to get used to... 
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                ISM: The key to business success for expats
                IN PICTURES: The history of the Vespa, Italy's famous scooter
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                Education abroad: How to find an international school
                The top five free smartphone apps for learning Italian
                Italy dismisses beach terror plots report
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                What's the best way for expats to transfer money abroad?
                The strange history behind five everyday Italian words
                Should Italy really be getting so cosy with Iran?
                Are 500,000 cats the solution to Rome’s rat crisis?
                Walls go up in Europe again: Austria raises 'migrant fence'
                The next Copenhagen? Bari plans €7.9m seafront revamp
                Lost €120 million Caravaggio 'found in a leaky French attic'
                Why Italian bookshops are snubbing a mobster's son
                Locals first: Venice makes tourists wait for water buses
                Italian island hits back at British anti-migrant headlines
                Analysis & Opinion
                Italian island hits back at British anti-migrant headlines
                Italians pour scorn on French attempt to reinvent carbonara
                Italians pour scorn on French attempt to reinvent 
                Italian town still empty seven years after deadly quake
                Italian town still empty seven years after deadly quake
                Why Italy is mulling wine classes for schoolchildren
                Migrants saved after 'crank calling' Rome pensioner
                How Florence is coping with its 'foreign' food clamp down
                How a few days in Capri changed this Australian’s life
                Analysis & Opinion
                Why Italy is letting builders bury its history in concrete
                Caravaggio's violent triumphs go high-tech in Rome
                Italy wants common EU defense after Brussels attacks