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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Gizmodo Australia

Climbing The Ice Structures In Iceland Looks Like One Of The Most Bad Arse Things You Can Do 

Man, this is just so fun to watch. The beautiful alien world that is Iceland is always so picturesque but it’s even better when seen from up close, like from the perspective of Klemen Premrl and his crew of climbers ice picking their way up to the top of an ice structure. The crystal glow of the ice cave, the shocking crevasses, the wildling-like climb of an ice wall — it’s just awesome everywhere.

Here's The First Image From Guillermo Del Toro's Netflix Series, Trollhunters 

The new show that will unite Guillermo del Toro, Netflix, and DreamWorks Animation dropped its first image today. When the show was announced in January, Trollhunters was described as taking place in “a new, fantastical world wrapped around two best friends who make a startling discovery beneath their hometown.”

Awesome Bike Ride Teleports You All Around Los Angeles 

Video: As a sequel to his bike tour around New York City, Nigel Sylvester teleports us all around Los Angeles with the help of his bike and masterful editing in this short, entitled “Go! 2”. It’s great because one minute you’re at a skate park and the next you’re inside a pool, and it’s all seamlessly stitched together. Plus, the tour is everything a person imagines when they visit LA: great weather, palm trees, celebrity sightings, a game of basketball with a Laker, a dip in a pool and fancy cars.

Prepare Your Child For Pre-School With A 3D-Printed Baby Rattle Sword 

Sending your child off to pre-school for the first time is apparently a stressful time for parents. But if you’ve properly prepared them for the challenges of dealing with other kids, like by playing with a 3D-printed baby rattle that looks like a miniature broadsword, they should be just fine.

A Flamethrower In Slow Motion Looks Like A Flying Dragon Made Of Fire 

Video: They’re one of the most terrifying and destructive weapons of war, but through the lens of a high-speed camera, a flamethrower looks like it’s actually releasing a magical flying dragon made of fire. As with almost anything filmed by the Slo Mo Guys in slow motion, it’s surprisingly beautiful to watch.

This Bizarre-Looking Device Is A Space Dustpan 

This device will not shine your shoes. Nor will it fix up your hair. In fact it’s a prototype asteroid cleaner, that’s been specially designed to help collect dust and debris in the far-flung reaches of our solar system.

How Would A Real Space Elevator Work And Is It Even Possible To Build? 

Video: Kurzgesagt ponders the question of whether space elevators can be built and answers it as only they can. It’s fascinating to learn about the (obvious) benefits of having a space elevator — sending things to space becomes much, much cheaper! — but even if it will take forever and a half to build this mythical 36,000km structure (which we can’t yet with our current technology), it might be worth it just to better investigate our options for exploring space.

The Next Obscenely Monstrous Cruise Ship Will Have An Entire Race Track On It 

The arms race that is mega cruise ship design ticks one minute closer to midnight on the doomsday clock of obscenity as Norwegian Cruise Lines has revealed its next luxury ship will include the world’s first two-level floating race track.

A Behind The Scenes Look At A Ballet Theatre Before The Show 

Video: The soundtrack helps, obviously, but there is art behind the art of ballet. Here’s a backstage look at the Oregon Ballet Theatre, where you see the moments leading up to the big show. From practices on the stage, to getting ready inside the dressing room, to the set up of the stage and the costumes and the flair, it’s a neat perspective at how a show gets made.

A New Florida Pier Is Designed To Face The Reality Of Rising Seas 

There’s no polite way to put this: Florida is screwed. And we’re starting to see the state’s infrastructure adapt to the reality of climate change.
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