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Thursday, April 7, 2016


HP's Spectre is the world's slimmest laptop at just 10.4 mm
Today's laptops are shedding bulk almost as fast as your local CrossFit evangelist, and the latest effort from Hewlett-Packard is set to undercut them all. Its newly announced Spectre will enter the market as the world's thinnest laptop, and packs some punch into its very slight frame as well. ​​  read more
The 10 best launch games for the HTC Vive
It's funny that, just a couple months ago, we were unsure if the HTC Vive would have much of a game library at launch. Well, it's doing just fine – arguably better than the Oculus Rift's. These are our recommendations of the best Vive launch games to download.  read more
Architects don't cut corners with trio of Jenga-like towers
ODA New York's 16-420 Kent Avenue project comprises a trio of blocky, Jenga-like towers slated for South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their distinctive form serves to maximize light, views, and add outdoor terraces.  read more
Raisable seats and UV toilets win innovative aircraft cabin awards
Comfier aircraft cabins are something we can all get on board with, and the Crystal Cabin Award is aimed at developing just that. The award honors innovative products and concepts for aircraft interiors. The eight 2016 winners have been picked from 95 entrants hailing from 18 countries.  read more
Steel breaks record for not breaking
A team of engineers has created a steel alloy that is much stronger than ordinary steel and is so resilient that it bounces back into shape, even when blasted with a cannon. The researchers believe it could make super-strong armor or help protect space vehicles from micrometeorites.  read more
Transplanted pig heart kept ticking for over two years
Researchers have managed to keep a pig heart beating for 945 days inside the body of a live baboon. This record-breaking outcome leaves scientists hopeful for the potential for xenotransplantation, the transplantation of animal organs or tissues into humans, to address worldwide organ shortages.  read more
Refreshed Audi A3 gains power and clever driver assist tech
Audi has brought its midsize hatch up to date with downsized engines, a suite of active safety features and bright new LED Matrix lights.   read more
Unified Weapons Master tests second-gen combat armor in underground fight event
In an underground battle event in Wellington, New Zealand, UWM revealed its latest intelligent Lorica armour and pitted six combatants from around the world against each other in full contact weapon combat.​ read more
Hobie Eclipse stand-up pedal board will have you walking on water
Hobie's new Mirage Eclipse stand-up Pedal boards make for new kinds of aquatic adventure by allowing standing users to glide across the water simply by moving their legs up and down.  read more
Historic flintlock pistols take aim at auction record
A presentation pair of pistols given by General Marie Paul Joseph Gilbert Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, to Simon Bolivar, will go under the hammer on April 13, with estimates putting the price at a record-setting level of between US$1.5 million and $2.5 million.  read more
Aston Martin heeds purists' calls, gives V12 Vantage S a dogleg manual gearbox
Aston Martin has joined Porsche in offering a high-end performance stick shift with the new V12 Vantage S, which lets you control a sonorous V12 motor with a dogleg, seven-speed manual transmission.  read more
Nvidia goes deep with new DGX-1 supercomputer
Computing giant Nvidia has announced the world's first "supercomputer in a box" – the DGX-1. With a cool 170 teraflops of performance,​ the machine is designed to tackle the complex worlds of deep learning and artificial intelligence, areas of research requiring massive amounts of computing power.​  read more
Neopenda tackles infant mortality in developing countries
Neopenda is a wearable aimed at helping newborns survive the crucial first few weeks by keeping track of vital signs, and sending key information back to a tablet monitoring up to 24 units at once.   read more
World's smallest diode made from a single DNA molecule
As we rapidly approach the limitations of Moore's Law, researchers investigate nanoscale technologies and alternatives to silicon. One group of researchers has turned to nature for an answer and produced the world's first DNA-based diode.  read more
VanMoof announces faster, lighter, farther-going e-bike
​It was three years ago that Dutch manufacturer VanMoof announced its 10 Electrified e-bike, which it described as being the world's first intelligent commuter bike. Now, the company has unveiled the new-and-improved Electrified S – the S stands for "smart."​ read more
Scientists can now make their own molecules
​Sometimes, if you want something made right, you've just got to make it yourself. It was with this in mind that scientists from ETH Zurich and IBM recently developed a process for building custom molecules from mix-n-match components.​  read more
Nimble cargo scooter hauls gear through "Urban" spaces
California's Nimble Scooters is launching the new "Urban" cargo scooter, a design that's smoother and more versatile than its original. The new scooter helps you take short trips while carrying more than 50 lb (23 kg) of cargo.  read more
Smartphone spectroscopy kit brings blood test info home
According to Bob Messerschmidt, founder and CEO of Cor, "the greatest barrier for people to live a healthy life is really information." His company has developed a blood testing kit that is aimed at making health information available that might otherwise remain hidden in doctors' surgeries.  read more
The analog bike speedometer rides again, with a little help from GPS
​There was a time when some bikes came with mechanical speedometers. While no one is suggesting bringing those back, Omata is taking a step in that direction – its One speedometer uses modern GPS tech to track the rider's speed, but that information is displayed on a good ol' analog dial.​  read more
Hyundai maps out route to connected cars future
Between testing autonomous driving tech and unveiling a new line of electrified vehicles, Hyundai appears to be very much focused on the future. It has now announced what it calls a roadmap for connected car development, which involves R&D to change the way drivers interact with vehicles.  read more
Could 3D-printed ovaries help treat infertility? 
A team from Northwestern University in Boston has used 3D printing to create a prosthetic ovary, which was successfully implanted into mice, allowing them to bear live young.  read more
3D printer creates full-color, multiple material prototypes in a single print run
The latest 3D printer from Stratasys can build photorealistic prototypes in full color and using multiple materials in a single print process. It's the first of the company's Polyjet printers that can print in five colors – cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white.  read more
Roku's new Streaming Stick packs more power and provides audio privacy
​As the number of ways to stream your content grows, Roku has given its Streaming Stick a refresh for faster, more reliable performance. On top of its new quad-core processor, the new Stick lets users listen to their content privately using a mobile device and headphones.  read more
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