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Monday, April 4, 2016


A drone-mounted chainsaw, what could possibly go wrong?
Because these whirring flying machines are apparently not threatening enough on their own, some enterprising Finnish folk have loaded one up with a chainsaw and unleashed it on nearby trees, icicles and poor unsuspecting snowmen.  read more
The laptop turns 35
As the laptop turns 35, we look at the past, present and future of portable computing with Dr. Alan Kay, the industry pioneer who first envisioned the concept of a portable computer, and Lee Felsenstein, designer of the world's first commercial laptop.  read more
Consumer-ready wireless charger for EVs inches closer
A team at Oak Ridge Laboratories believes it has come close to creating a wireless car charging system efficient enough to broaden the appeal of electric vehicles.   read more
Living in a box: One man's unusual way to cut rental costs
When Peter Berkowitz found that house rental costs in San Francisco were too expensive for his budget, he built a small wooden pod and installed it in the living room of a pal's house, paying $400 per month in rent for the privilege.   read more
Facial recognition drone gives your selfie stick wings
In some ways, selfie-snapping drones seem a natural progression from outstretched arms and ever-lengthening selfie sticks. Roam-e is the latest drone to take aim at self-portraiture, and armed with facial recognition technology it is promised to always keep you in the frame.  read more
Britain's first mass produced computer goes on public display
Almost 63 years after it made its debut at a trade show,​ the prototype of Britain's first mass-produced computer has gone on display at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, about 50 miles north of London.  read more
Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket makes third powered landing
​Blue Origin pulled off a spaceflight hat trick today as its New Shepard rocket completed its third powered landing. In a series of tweets, company founder and CEO Jeff Bezos confirmed the third flight of the reusable booster from its test site in Texas.   read more
Yecup 365 travel mug brings drinks to preferred temp – hot or cold
Similar to the Ember mug, but designed for both hot and cold beverages, the all-new Yecup 365 from Armenian company Yecup Technologies' brings your drink to just the right temperature and keeps it there for hours. Beyond beverage service, it can also charge your smartphone or tablet.  read more
New piston skirt coatings promise significant reduction in engine friction
The piston skirt and pin account for about 17 percent of the frictional loss in a combustion engine as they are the most difficult to keep lubricated and have the largest contact surfaces. Federal-Mogul has announced two new-generation coatings designed to greatly to reduce this friction.  read more
Waist-worn flashlight gets hip with hands-free high beams 
One startup is looking to create a new generation of flashlight. The Repulsor is designed to be worn about the waist, delivering bright beams that rival those found on many cars.  read more
Copenhagen is getting three new islands
Students and residents in Copenhagen, Denmark, will soon have an intriguing new waterside environment for education and recreation. The Nordhavn Islands are three circular manmade islands on the coast that will cater for learning, watersports and events, as well as host a new vegetation environment.  read more
To better understand Martian geology, scientists make a cake
To find out how Martian mounds with bases made from sediment deposited by water and crowns made from wind-dropped material formed, researchers created a "crater layer cake" and popped it in a wind tunnel.  read more
BMW's Personal Mobility Companion is part navigation system, part personal assistant 
BMW used Microsoft's Build event to launch a new Personal Mobility Companion iOS app, designed to learn about drivers' commutes and apply traffic information to let them know when best to leave home for arrival at their destination at just the right time.   read more
Mercedes' V6 hybrid F1 car bests V10 era Bahrain lap record
Lewis Hamilton's all-conquering Mercedes F1 car has struck a blow for downsized engines, beating the lap record set by Fernando Alonso in his championship-winning, V10 Renault R25. Hamilton's 1:29.493 time put him in pole position, and undercut Alonso's 2005 pole time of 1:29.848 by 0.355 seconds.  read more
Double the Storage on Your iOS Device with the iSafe Drive Lite — 25% off
iSafe Drive Lite is the first MFI-certified, high-speed drive built for your iOS devices—and it even employs the same encryption used by the US government. It’s the fastest way to transfer between your iOS devices and Mac or PC computer. Plus you can use it to swap out music and contacts between your phone and desktop, or directly stream media on-the-go—a road tripper’s dream come true.  read more