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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Norwegian Cruise Line raises the bar for outlandish cruise offerings yet again. Its new "Joy" cruise ship will entertain with a two-level race track, multi-story water park, high-tech arcade, and bumper hovercraft arena. Read more
The latest Jag to launch is its crucial, midsize volume seller – the XE. So, does it feel like a Jaguar, and is it good enough to take on the German establishment? After spending a week in the supercharged XE S, we finally have some answers. Read more
A closer look at the mechanism driving the remarkable regenerative abilities of zebrafish has suggested that they can be recreated in mice, with the scientists involved hopeful it could ultimately improve our capacity to regrow damaged body parts. Read more
By learning how bees safely zip through thick rainforests in spite of their poor vision, scientists say they can endow flying robots with similar capabilities, promising exciting new levels of autonomy for small drones. ​​ Read more
The Better Back harness is a simple strap-based contraption that promises better posture and less lower back pain. We tried out Better Back for a few weeks to see if it makes good on its promises.Read more
While the SipaBoard self-inflating jet board is certainly a cool water toy, not everyone wants motor power or the added expense of a jet drive. SipaBoards' latest design keeps the integrated self-inflation system but loses the jet drive.Read more
Why don't snowboards have suspension like mountain bikes? Russia's Sergey Yarosh & Co Design thinks they should, which is why the company has developed the SANKIboard system. Read more
A black hole in a quiet part of the universe has surprised astronomers by turning out to be 10 times larger than it should be.Read more
For the 2016 model year, Ford has given the Explorer a mid-cycle refresh, making some changes to the exterior, some interior upgrades, and adding safety features. The refresh also sees the addition of a Platinum trim level at the top of the lineup, which spent a week behind the wheel of. Read more
NexGear, a startup from Mumbai, India, is looking to make video memories easy to record and publish. The Frodo Adventure Camera is designed to record and auto-edit the best scenes into ready-to-share videos. Read more
Can math and machine create a painting to rival that of an Old Master? A Microsoft and ING project certainly seems to say yes. Read more
Researchers have found a way to speed up the rate at which data can be securely transmitted using quantum cryptography. It's a development that could pave the way to faster, ultra-secure communications that are impossible to spy on. Read more
MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has come up with a new way to make soft, hydraulically-powered robots in one step using commercial 3D printers that can print solid and liquid parts simultaneously.Read more
NASA's NEOWISE telescope has had a pretty interesting life. First operational between 2009 and 2011 as the WISE telescope, the probe was brought out of hibernation in 2013, and tasked with an all new mission – spotting, tracking and characterizing asteroids and comets that approach closet to Earth. Read more
There are lots of different types of electric toothbrush, but pretty much all of them oscillate or vibrate in one way or another. The new iBrush 365, however, takes a different approach. Its circular brush-head spins, allowing users to brush from the gums towards the teeth. Read more
Data from NASA satellites is being used to help scientists analyze how El Niño is affecting a population of tiny ocean plants. A decline in the number of these plants can cause big disruptions to coastal fishing industries. Read more
Outside of China, Huawei isn’t one of the first names that springs to mind when it comes to smartphones, but the new P9 and P9 Plus, co-engineered with photography expert Leica, are intending to change that. The two flagship phones were shown off in London today and Gizmag was there to take a look. Read more
​Based on a series of simulations ran through sophisticated computer models, researchers from MIT suggest that significant proportions of the population of Asia are on course for severe water shortages by the year 2050. Read more
Ahead of this month's Hannover Messe trade show in Germany, Festo's Bionic Learning Network has previewed a new helium-filled flyer dubbed the FreeMotionHandling concept that's able to take hold of an object, pick it up and fly it to another location for drop off. Read more
Construction is well underway on the Wuhan Greenland Center. Claimed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects as the world's third tallest building, the supertall skyscraper is due for completion in 2017 and looks set to become the tallest building in China. Read more
Launched in 2013, Slack now boasts more than 2.3 million users, 675,000 of which pay for the privilege. That's a lot of users and a lot of mouths to feed. Taco Bell is looking to help do just that with a bot that will take orders via the cloud-based team collaboration tool. Read more
In this day and age of hacking and cyber ransom dominating headlines, ethical hacking and penetration testing skills are increasingly in-demand. From threat modeling and cross-site scripting to testing methodologies, this certification bundle will be a nice little notch to add to your résumé. And since the classes are accessible 24/7, you can learn whenever it’s convenient. Read more