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Friday, April 22, 2016


​Although tripods are an essential photography tool, the things can be a bit of a hassle. That's why edelkrone has introduced the simpler StandPLUS, which the company emphasizes is not a tripod.​ Read more
he idea of building a plush, family four-wheel drive on a truck’s ladder frame might seem like an odd recipe, but it’s one that’s becoming increasingly popular. But can they compete with the ever-popular soft-roader set? We spent a week with the Toyota Fortuner to find out. Read more
A research team working in the Siemens Robotic Labs at Princeton, New Jersey, has developed what are essentially autonomous 3D printers with legs, which could work together to manufacture complex structures such hulls of ships or the fuselage of an airplane. Read more
Shell is perhaps best known for producing what goes into cars, rather than cars themselves. Now, the firm has taken the wraps off a car that it says will use a third less energy in its lifetime than a typical city car and around half the energy to build and run than a typical small family car. Read more
A new initiative is looking to make life difficult for poachers, by fitting out an African nature reserve with high-tech gear, such as seismic sensors and infrared drones, all of which is networked to keep tabs on who is going in and out of the park. Read more
Having just announced a hybrid version of its Clarity model, Honda has reworked the hybrid version of its Accord. Even though it's got more power than its predecessor, the new Accord Hybrid uses less fuel, and has been treated to a modest refresh in the looks department, too. Read more
San Francisco has passed a law requiring all new buildings below 10 stories to have solar panels installed on their rooftops, forming part of a wider vision to generate 100 percent of its electricity via renewable energy. Read more
At NAB this week, GoPro opened up preorders for the Omni six-camera spherical array for capturing 360-degree video and launched a dedicated platform for sharing and viewing VR content via the web or a new app for iOS and Android devices. Read more
Why build a green car when you can start a whole family? We just watched Hyundai use that strategy with the IONIQ lineup of hybrids and electrics, and now Honda follows suit with an expanded Clarity lineup. Read more
NASA has awarded a US$67 million, 36-month contract to Redmond, Washington-based Aerojet Rocketdyne to design and develop an Advanced Electric Propulsion System (AEPS). Read more
​There are already internet-controlled pet toys out there that let users play with their dog or cat when they're not at home. PlayDate, however, is different. It's a ball with a Wi-Fi-connected camera right in it, so users can watch their pets playing from the toy's point of view.​ Read more
While Grub Hub's original roller kitchen is a convenient way to get kitchen gear from car to campsite, no one's taking such a large unit backpacking, canoeing or bikepacking. For those kinds of activities, Grub Hub presents the all-new Cirque.Read more
Snowmobile and bike combinations come in all different shapes and sizes, but few are as dramatic as Joey Ruiter's new Snoped (pronounced "snow-ped"). Created as a "mash-up between art, design, fashion and lifestyle," what it may lack in conventionality​, it makes up for in style. Read more
After a several month long layover in Hawaii, Solar Impulse 2 is back in the air and on the way to California for the latest leg in its around-the-world journey. Read more
While a number of New York's planned buildings are exciting for their outlandish designs, such as Via 57 West and the Spiral (both by BIG), SHoP Architects' upcoming American Copper Buildings design is more understated. Its two copper-clad towers stand side-by-side and are joined by a sky bridge. Read more
Manipulating carbon nanotubes can be tricky, considering that their diameter is about 50,000 times smaller than a human hair. Researchers have just come up with a way to force carbon nanotubes to get in line – literally – by using electrical pulses and a vortex created by laser light.​ Read more
Volvo has doubled down on electrification, announcing this week that it hopes to sell up to one million electrified vehicles, in total, by 2025. It will create two plug-in variants of every model and introduce its first fully electric car in 2019.​ Read more
This tiny, meticulously engineered cube makes a big impression. With just the Cube and your MHL/HDMI devices (like your smartphone or laptop), you can transform your 5-inch screen into an 120-inch display. It’s extremely lightweight and built for high performance so you can bring your next movie marathon or presentation to any wall or ceiling. Read more