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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


​Mercedes creates some gorgeous cars, but they don't float. To rectify this glaring problem, Mercedes-Benz Style has teamed up with Silver Arrows Marine to create the Arrow460-Granturismo. Teased way back in 2012, the 46 foot yacht has finally hit the water for the first time. Read more
One of the world's most impressive cars, the Koenigsegg Agera, is making its way toward retirement. No need to get teary eyed for the loss, though; the even more extreme Regera will soon step in as the official Koenigsegg to be seen in. Read more
​If you like the idea of cycling gloves with turn-indicating LEDs on the back, then you'll probably like Zackees. You do​ need to activate those LEDs yourself, however. If that's just a bit too much of a bother, then you might prefer a pair of beSEENs.​ Read more
The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope is giving astrophysicists a hand in pinpointing the source of gravitational waves detected late last year, and it could prove critical in detecting future bursts.Read more
The latest candidate to emerge in oil spill cleanup solutions is a multipurpose fabric covered in tiny semi-conducting rods, affording it a unique set of properties that could see it used to deal with everything from water decontamination to wiping down your kitchen counter. ​ Read more
LaCie's latest hard drive, the 12big Thunderbolt 3, is designed to make life easier for professionals by offering blazingly fast transfer speeds and up to 96TB of storage. Read more
Cabin Vindheim riffs on the image of a snowbound cabin with its roof protruding through the snow. Owing to its unusual shape, its sloping form can be used by winter revelers as a small ski-jump and toboggan run. Read more
A miniature test version of DARPA's Vertical Take-off and Landing Experimental Plane (VTOL X-Plane) took to the skies recently, successfully completing a series of takeoff, hover, and landing maneuvers at an undisclosed US military base. Read more
Developed to cut the costs of maintaining underwater equipment, the Eelume robot is designed to be unleashed on seabeds where it will glide through tight spaces tending to gear that is out of reach for us humans. Read more
In large supermarkets carrying thousands of goods, even employees can have trouble remembering where everything is. That's why Toronto's 4D Retail Technology Corp. developed the stock-taking, store-mapping 4D Space Genius robot.​ Read more
Komatsu has introduced the HB365LC-3, a 36-tonne hydraulic hybrid excavator to the European market. Compared to its diesel-only counterpart, the PC360LC-11, the Komatsu Hybrid is 20 percent more fuel efficient. Read more
There are already devices that can detect indoor pollutants, although their sensitivity is generally limited to concentrations of parts-per-million. Now, however, scientists have created a sensor that can detect them down to parts-per-billion​.​ Read more
Researchers at the University of Bath have created a battery that runs on"pee power," and could bring energy to parts of the world that might not otherwise have access to it.​ Read more
Detecting nuclear materials when they're shielded by steel containers is a difficult task, but a novel imaging technique might just take away the headache. The method works by firing a combination of neutrons and high-energy photons, and looking for a unique emission signature released in response. Read more
Scientists have successfully trialled a quantum "data bus" – a system that transfers quantum information from one place to another, which had previously only been theorized. They accomplished this feat with a technique called perfect state transfer. Read more
The Kaptivo system can be installed above any dry-erase whiteboard up to 6 x 4 ft (1.8 x 1.2 m) in size, doesn't require note-makers to use special pens and captures and cleans up what's on the board before zipping it over to connected team members in real-time. Read more
Having introduced the ability for users to live stream video back in 2011 and support for 360-degree videos last year, YouTube has now brought the two together. 360-degree live video is aimed at putting viewers one step closer to actually being there in person. Read more
Ikea is taking its design prowess out of the home and into the city streets, with the unveiling of a customizable unisex bike. The Sladda bicycle appears to tastefully strike a balance between​ simplicity and functionality. Read more
Gizmag is looking for a US-based journalist specializing in mobile tech to join our global team.​ Read more
The Smartress is a mattress with an inbuilt "lover detection system" that uses an array of sensors to measure the duration and intensity of any, er, activity undertaken on it, and notifies your phone if anything suspicious is going on. Read more
The Race for the Line competition is challenging UK schoolchildren to emulate the Bloodhound team by developing and racing their own rocket-powered cars, using the new BBC micro:bit to capture performance data. Read more
Sometimes glue—even of the super variety—just doesn’t hold up. Use the world’s first liquid plastic welder instead. The Bondic Pro Kit will make cracked coffee mugs, ripped seats in your car, and broken USBs whole again. Each layer cures in just four seconds so your repairs and crafts will happen super fast.Read more