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Monday, April 18, 2016


After years of built-up and wide-eyed anticipation, the first consumer Oculus Rift is here. Is it everything we hoped for? Read on for our full review. Read more
We talk to space artist Danielle Futselaar to uncover what goes into painting a planet. Planets take many forms, and we have uncovered a tiny number of them. For those we have found, we can only see an equally tiny amount. It is an artist's job to envision what these remote bodies could look like. Read more
Techno-Classica Essen is the world's largest grass roots classic car event​, and​ you really don't understand the sheer magnitude of an industry until you go to its global "Mecca" and walk the show floor.​ Here's a tour in words and pictures through the 22 halls of this year's gargantuan​ gathering. Read more
We spent a week in the redesigned 2016 BMW Mini Cooper Clubman and found that it keeps the quirky, fun nature of the Mini intact, but loses some of its appeal in exchange for added practicality. Mini fans will no doubt enjoy this pricey four-door, but non-enthusiasts may not be so keen.Read more
A team of physicists have just created the world's smallest working engine from a single electrically-charged atom. With an equivalent efficiency (if scaled to size) of an average automobile engine, it actually produces a significant amount of powerRead more
Announced today, DJI's Matrice 600 drone is its most powerful yet, and with the ability to carry 6 kg (13.22 lb) is aimed at serious film makers looking to get professional rigs up into the sky. ​​Read more
Peggy is a smart clothes-peg prototype that uses a number of sensors and local weather information to tell you when the washing is dry and ping you when rain's on the way to prevent you drying the same load twice. Read more
Terracraft's SuperTrike gives you a pair of handlebars to control steering, but the tilt angle is chosen by an intelligent CoPilot computer system that keeps the cabin level over undulating roads, and leans it into corners for aggressive riding. Read more
Aston Martin has turned to its racing heritage for another stripped-back, Vantage road racer. Based on the V8 Vantage, the more powerful GT8 promises a hard edged driving experience to back up its lairy carbon makeover. Read more
In another potential aerospace application for 3D printing, Boeing has filed an application with the US Patent Office for a way to make artificial "ice" that can be tacked onto the wings and other surfaces to simulate icing conditions. Read more
Kitted out with a hybrid powertrain to challenge the Volvo XC90's fancy T8 setup, the Beijing hints at the direction VW will take with its next range-topping four-wheel drive. Read more
A research team at the New ACE Institute in Japan has developed a new diesel combustion engine concept using multiple fuel injectors that doesn’t require waste heat reduction. With a brake thermal efficiency of greater than fifty percent, the new engine could reduce costs of manufacture. Read more
A new durable, flexing OLED display is less than one quarter the thickness of Saran wrap and can be worn on the skin to display blood-oxygen levels, with the developers working to afford it other health-monitoring too. Read more
Using a phenomenon dubbed "Teslaphoresis," researchers have made carbon nanotubes self-assemble to form a circuit linking two LEDs and then used the energy from that same field to power them Read more
A new outdoor lighting alternative, the One80 works as a headlamp, but it's far from classic, replacing the typical central light housing with a curved LED band that spreads light the namesake 180 degrees. And if you prefer your light lower down, that LED band removes and straps to your waist. Read more
ESA has confirmed that the ExoMars 2016's Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) mothership has opened its "eyes" and sent back its first test images. Read more
The Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft (SULSA) bears the distinction of being the world's first aircraft to have an entirely 3D-printed body. While it's an impressive title, the little electric airplane has now been put to use scouting routes for an icebreaker in Antarctica.​ Read more
Photographer Navid Baraty has turned pancakes into planets, a potato into an asteroid and cat fur into a nebula in his latest series. Have a look at this cosmic fakery and see if you can guess what the images are comprised of – before you read the captions. ​​​ Read more
NASA's Cassini orbiter has become the first spacecraft to determine the composition of dust particles originating outside of our solar system. The discovery grants a rare insight regarding the processes that may be occurring in the interstellar medium. Read more
If you've ever had a cast on an arm or leg, then you'll know how uncomfortable, awkward and inconvenient they can be. That's why the NovaCast was created. It's a 3D-printed cast which is custom-made for each patient as needed. Read more
Building a guitar to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of all players is an impossible task. But that doesn't stop folks from trying. The 20:14 range of guitars from Barcelona's Aclam Guitars does seem to tick a lot of customization and personalization boxes. Read more
A consortium headed by the University of Bonn in Germany has received financing to develop a sensor to detect and warn of epileptic seizures. The sensor can be worn like a hearing aid. Read more
After the success of the inaugural 2015 competition, the Yard Built contest returned this year with European Yamaha dealers submitting their custom renditions of Sport Heritage models. More than 22,000 e-voters chose among 33 motorcycles to acknowledge the winners in four categories. Read more
The Aftermaster Pro is a small, fairly affordable box that's designed to improve everyday audio. Currently available for pre-order via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the box is designed to be very simple to use, and providing it performs as advertised, is rather compelling. Read more
Land Rover has been readying the driving world for the Range Rover Evoque Convertible ever since it released concept designs four years ago. Earlier this year, it revealed more details, and finally released this hound to European buyers this week. Read more
In the eyes of the Beverly Hills City Council, a fleet of autonomous shuttles would be available to provide on demand, point-to-point transport when requested from a smartphone. Read more
Last month, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) invited the public to help name its new £200 million polar research ship. The winner by a considerable margin was "RRS Boaty McBoatface," but there are doubts the words "I christen thee RRS Boaty McBoatface" will actually be muttered. Read more
The International Space Station got a bit bigger today as the first human-rated inflatable structure to fly in space​ – the experimental​ Bigelow Expandable Activity Module – was successfully attached to the Tranquility module over a four-hour period. Read more
It shouldn't surprise you to hear that more and more Internet traffic originates from mobile devices. Sites that don't work on mobile, basically shouldn't be sites at all. And native mobile apps? They can be the key to a site's success. Learn specialized mobile coding skills, and you'll not only be in-demand, but on your way to an extremely lucrative career. Read more