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Friday, April 15, 2016


DARPA has announced the second phase of its ambitious XS-1 program. The agency is seeking to make access to space more regular and affordable by employing an entirely re-usable high-speed, sub-orbital automated spaceplane as the first stage of its launch vehicle.Read more
Designed by Carlo Ratti Associati, in partnership with Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, the Lift-Bit is described as an "internet-of-things sofa." It comprises individual upholstered stools that combine together to form a digitally-reconfigurable piece of furniture. Read more
​Captured by the Spitzer Space Telescope and the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), the "Spider Nebula" cuts a ghostly green figure in a new image release from NASA. Read more
Ohio State University researchers have created embroidered circuits using metallic thread that's just 0.1 mm thick. By embedding different patterns, the tech could be used to create everything from a t-shirt that boosts your cellphone signal, to a hat that tracks brain activity. Read more
No matter how good your happy snap, finding a way to caption it can be tricky. It's still early days, but one day you could handball the responsibility to a Captionbot. Powered by Microsoft's Cognitive Services, the bot looks over your images and gives rudimentary descriptions of what it can see. ​ Read more
Australian scientists have developed a type of gluten-free barley that has been used to produce the world's first barley-based gluten-free beer. The brew lands on the shelves of German supermarkets today. Read more
A Chinese team of scientists has developed a new transparent smart skin that they claim is not only cheaper to produce than previous electronic skins, but is also able to harvest mechanical energy to power itself from movement.Read more
Legendary sportscar manufacturer Alpine is continuing its Renault-driven renaissance with a World Endurance Championship competitor. The A460 will compete in the LMP2 class, with Renault Alpine hoping to carry on the legacy of the A441 that won the European Sport-Prototype Championship in 1974. Read more
With a number of semi-professional leagues popping up around the world, drone racing has teetered on the edge of mainstream sport for a little while now. And a new broadcast deal certainly won't do its popularity any harm, with a series of race events to be showcased on ESPN later in the year. ​​ Read more
In a display of true awesomeness, researchers from the Drone Research Lab at Denmark's Aalborg University have built a catapult that fires hobby drones at a pork roast to find out more about the safety hazards posed by the tiny aircraft to people and property. Read more
If you gave up on HTC after last year's meh One M9, then it's time to start paying attention again. Though the HTC 10 is much more than the sum of its specs, let's how it compares to last year's One M9. Read more
The animal known as the archerfish has a unique claim to fame – it shoots down and then eats airborne insects by spitting a stream of water at them. Well, BAE Systems' Archerfish ROV is a little different. It locates and then blows up sea mines, by shooting them with an explosive charge. Read more
Cities everywhere are undergoing somewhat of a green renaissance, with public spaces and linear parks being built around existing infrastructure and buildings. In Düsseldorf, Germany, however, the buildings themselves are being greened, with hedged façades and a green roof that forms a park. Read more
When some Apollo missions returned from the moon, they brought back samples of the lunar soil. New research into some of those samples has revealed that those missions also brought back something else – the remnants of a star that died near our solar system about two million years ago. Read more
Birdie is designed to be hand-tossed into the air, allowing GoPro cameras to take continuous photos or video safely ​on the way down. Read more
A technology incorporated into a sticker about the size of a large postage stamp and as thin as a human hair could provide a more comfortable method for monitoring patient health or eliminate tickets to sporting events and concerts.Read more
Move It is a compact home gym solution that connects to your smartphone. Aside from being lightweight and convenient, the design also incorporates detachable, sensor-packed handles that work with all four pieces of equipment. Read more
​A new toothpaste technology, known as BioMin, is designed to replace minerals lost from tooth enamel. Available to dentists as a toothpaste called BioMinF, and set to be marketed to consumers in the near future, the product is long acting, and also tackles sensitivity.​ Read more
​It was last March that Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg began a round-the-world trip in their solar-powered aircraft, the Solar Impulse 2. Unfortunately, during a stopover in Hawaii, they discovered that the batteries had overheated. Now, however, they're finally set to resume their journey.​Read more
The 2017 Escape will be the first Ford to feature Sync Connect when it goes on sale next month, providing drivers with remote access to their vehicle via a mobile device. In addition, though, it is being offered with two new engines and the first major roll-out of Ford's Auto Start-Stop feature. Read more
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