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Thursday, April 14, 2016


​The good news: The Loch Ness Monster has been captured on sonar. The bad news: "Nessie" is a prop from a Sherlock Holmes film that sank in the loch in 1969. Read more
A new enclave in Tokyo, Japan, will soon offer places to live, work and relax, as well as act as a gateway to the rest of the city. Added to the existing tower at Toranomon Hills will be three more towers and integrated transported facilities, all linked by an elevated park. Read more
Researchers have developed a flexible sheet camera which could turn any surface into a camera. The project uses elastic optics and may lead to the development of roll out capture devices which could be used to cover everyday objects, or flexible cameras which are bent to take in a new field of view. Read more
Contemporary Shepherd Huts recently completed its latest tiny house. The unnamed dwelling boasts all the rustic charm of the old-fashioned dwelling but adds some well-thought out modern touches, including a generous skylight, kitchen, and bathroom with shower. Read more
The Australian-designed Wood on Wheels (WOW) Cedar Teardrop Camper might just reach a new level of teardrop trailer magnificence. Built of red cedar from the fenders to the roof, this trailer is a downright beautiful shelter equipped with modern camping amenities. Read more
Mini has turned its hand to tackling the problem of urban overcrowding. The Mini Living installation at Salone de Mobile in Milan is a concept apartment that uses folding modules to create a shareable, reconfigurable space for inner-city urbanites. Read more
Telling tumor tissue from healthy tissue can be tricky business for brain surgeons. Looking to give these doctors a helping hand, scientists have designed a smart scalpel that provides real-time guidance on whether the tissue it is tending to is cancerous or otherwise.​ Read more
​Using a specialized sleeve, his own mind and a brain-implant smaller than a pea, a man paralyzed from the neck down has regained the ability to handle a variety of everyday objects. Read more
​It took Voyager 1 over 30 years to reach interstellar space, but NASA is testing a new sail technology that could cut that time by two thirds. Read more
Alzheimer's disease is caused by a buildup of amyloid beta in the brain, which causes plaques that disrupt nerve cells. Now, research is improving our understanding of exactly why this happens, identifying both a section of a cell and a protein that are central to the process. Read more
Chinese manufacturer Meizu took a big leap toward getting to the top of the smartphone pile with the announcement of its Meizu PRO 6 which, it claims, is the first deca-core smartphone on the planet.​ Read more
Architecture students from the Colorado Building Workshop recently constructed 14 attractive small cabins near Leadville, Colorado. The prefabricated dwellings offer bare-bones accommodation for visitors to an outward bound center. Read more
Asthma is a widespread condition, but there's no definitive test for diagnosing it. New research could change that, with scientists identifying molecules that circulate in the blood, signalling that they have the disease. Read more
​Remember the Varibike? It's a bicycle that can be pedalled with both the arms and the legs, allowing for more of a full-body workout. Well, if an upcoming crowdfunding campaign is successful, it'll soon have some competition … in the form of the TwiCycle.​ Read more
The first batch of data from a $100 million effort to find signs of intelligent life beyond Earth has been released for public access. Read more
The Twist 60 is a new lens from Lensbaby which is inspired by a vintage Petzval optic from 1840. The lens is designed to be used with full frame cameras where it can give backgrounds filled with iconic swirly blurs. Read more
A major redevelopment of Ford's Dearborn campus in Michigan is set to see it become greener, more high-tech and better at fostering innovation. Ford says the 10-year project will both reflect and aid its increasing focus on mobility as well as its continued car manufacturing operations. Read more
A London-based team has created a unique model for people keen to track the Moon's cycle. MOON is a 3D lunar model fitted with a rotating LED arm that mimics the Sun's position, allowing you to watch the Moon wax and wane on your coffee table. Read more
Last year, Aston Martin formally put a proverbial toe in the water by revealing the designs for a powerboat called the AM37. Elements of the boat, consisting mostly of material samples, were revealed this week at the Salone del Mobile at Milan Design Week. Read more
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